DC to close if 5G fails....surely not

I’m assuming I’m not the only one who’s seen this article. Just curious on my fellow DCU members take


I’ve been told Van-Sciver is not a reliable source of information.

There’s another topic about this somewhere. It’s rumor-mongering from someone who isn’t in any position to have any particular knowledge about the subject.

In short: it’s not, but don’t call me Shirley.


Bull crap.

Possible they might restructure. Possible they might sell, but comic books are the medium that connect to the hardcore fans. Even if it’s losing them a little money which I doubt it is, they wouldn’t shut down the comics division entirely because they’d be drying up their markets for the more profitable movies and merchandise. Comics are the heart that keep the rest of the body beating. This MIGHT change eventually, but it won’t be today.


I am also hearing this from multiple sources. Check out the video at the 8:15 mark.

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I’m calling their crap! It’s not possible! They make way too much money, they have literally no reason, other than some dude thinks comics are irrelevant!

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AT&T would never sell DC Comics to Disney which owns Marvel.

They are direct competitors in the Streaming Service area

DC Comics is slightly profitable but generates millions of dollars in merchandising and billions in movies.

DC Comics costs little in the vast AT&T empire but its comics generate vast amount of exclusives Intellectual Property that is used to generate massive profits in TV and film.

This is not to say that DC Comics might not be restructured in some ways by limiting the number of titles produced but this source material is too lucrative for it to be sold.


If Disney got a hold on DC, I think the community would be outraged, box office wouldn’t do as good, and who knows what’s to come for comics!

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I forgot to mention, this could mean a permanent universe merge. I…I couldn’t take it. I can’t do marvel unless it’s x-men, mixing DC characters with Marvel characters is a bad idea.


Noway they’d close this down! We still have season 4 of Young Justice!!

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I really hope not. We really need the competition between Marvel and DC if the comics industry is gonna survive. They really do play off each other

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Teacher Voice: “But how many reliable sources?”

For instance, Variant Comics isn’t one.


Again, DC will not stop publishing and the idea that Disney would buy them is extremely unlikely, BUT…

I’d be extremely interested in seeing a merged DC and Marvel universe. I’m not saying it would be a net benefit to the universes, but it would be cool to see how the two universes might be able to work together. It would require so much restructuring and would take a lot of creativity, and it would just be amazing to see these iconic characters interact and form bonds.

If Disney ever does buy DC, I think the safe option would be to make them different dimensions in the multiverse. You’d be able to retain the flavors of the individual universes, but you could still do fairly regular crossovers. I wouldn’t mind this.