DC Talent Across the Globe 🌍

Let’s get international! In this collection, I’ll be highlighting some comics by DC talent with backgrounds around the world. I tried to limit myself to a notable body of work from one writer and one artist per nationality by birth- or, one double threat writer/artist creator or nation-sharing team, where significant. Disagree with my selections? I’d love to hear your alternate nominations! Links where available on DC Universe Infinite.

Angola :angola:
Star-Spangled Comics (1941) #2-12, “Tarantula” – M.W. Wellman :writing_hand:

Argentina :argentina:
Red Robin #13-26 – Fabian Nicieza :writing_hand:
Wonder Woman (1942) #222-286 – Jose Delbo :art:

Australia :australia:
Injustice: Gods Among Us – Tom Taylor :writing_hand:
Secret Six (2008) #1-13 – Nicola Scott :art:

Austria :austria:
New Fun Comics #1-6, “Caveman Capers” – Richard Loederer :writing_hand:
Batman (1940) #228, “Outlaw Town, USA!” – Ira Schnapp :art:

Belgium :belgium:
Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys – Alain Mauricet :art:

Brazil :brazil:
Daytripper – Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon :writing_hand: :art:

Bulgaria :bulgaria:
Event Leviathan – Alex Maleev :art:

Canada :canada:
Sweet Tooth – Jeff Lemire :writing_hand: :art:

Chile :chile:
Gotham City Monsters – Amancay Nahuelpan :art:

China :cn:
Convergence: Blue Beetle – Yishan Li :art:

Colombia :colombia:
Planetary – Laura Martin :art:

Costa Rica :costa_rica:
Harley Quinn (2016) – John Timms :art:

Croatia :croatia:
Harleen – Stjepan Šejić :writing_hand: :art:

Cuba :cuba:
Cuba: My Revolution – Inverna Lockpez :writing_hand:
Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter – Ric Estrada :art:

Denmark :denmark:
Starman (1994) #50-80 – Peter Snejbjerg :art:

England :uk:
Swamp Thing (1982) #20-64 – Alan Moore :writing_hand:
Preacher – Steve Dillon :art:

France :fr:
Harley Quinn and Power Girl – Stéphane Roux :art:

Germany :de:
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Klaus Janson :art:

Greece :greece:
Collapser – Ilias Kyriazis :art:

Guatemala :guatemala:
Madame Xanadu (2008) #11-15 – Mike Kaluta :art:

Guyana :guyana:
Black Lightning (1977) – Trevor Von Eeden :art:

Haiti :haiti:
Plastic Man (1944) #46-48 – Andre LeBlanc :art:

Hungary :hungary:
Whiz Comics – Alex Blum :art:

India :india:
Justice League Dark (2018) #20-28 – Ram V :writing_hand:
Injustice: Ground Zero – J. Nanjan :art:

Indonesia :indonesia:
Power Girl (2009) #13-23 – Sami Basri :art:

Iran :iran:
DCU Holiday Special 2010, “Spectre: The Gift” – Dara Naraghi :writing_hand:

Ireland :ireland:
Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits – Garth Ennis, Will Simpson :writing_hand: :art:

Italy :it:
Gotham Academy – Becky Cloonan :writing_hand:
Silver Age Doom Patrol – Bruno Premiani :art:

Jamaica :jamaica:
House of Whispers – Nalo Hopkinson :writing_hand:
Batgirl (2000) #1-37 – Damion Scott :art:

Japan :jp:
Batmanga! – Jiro Kuwata :writing_hand: :art:

Latvia :latvia:
Green Lantern (1960) #1-75 – Gil Kane :art:

Malaysia :malaysia:
Doctor Fate (2015) – Sonny Liew :partying_face:

Mexico :mexico:
52 – Alex Sinclair :art:

Myanmar :myanmar:
Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War – Buzz :art:

The Netherlands :netherlands:
Birds of Prey (2011) #0-28 – Romano Molenaar :art:

New Zealand :new_zealand:
Batgirl (2000) #39-57 – Dylan Horrocks :writing_hand:
Point Blank – Colin Wilson :art:

Papua New Guinea :papua_new_guinea:
StormWatch (1993) #11-25 – Steve Firchow :art:

Peru :peru:
Beowulf – Ricardo Villamonte :art:

The Philippines :philippines:
The Flash (2011) #1-25 – Francis Manapul :writing_hand: :art:

Poland :poland:
Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy – Joe Kubert :writing_hand: :art:

Portugal :portugal:
Justice League Dark (2018) #9-14 – Miguel Mendonça :art:

Romania :romania:
Green Lantern Corps (2011) #25 – Victor Drujiniu :art:

Russia :ru:
Birds of Prey (2010) #4-6 (Covers) – Alina Urusov :art:

All-Star Superman – Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely :writing_hand: :art:

Serbia :serbia:
Scalped – R.M. Guera :art:

Singapore :singapore:
Justice League Odyssey #18-25 (Covers) – Skan :art:

Slovakia :slovakia:
Superman (1939) #12-23 – John Sikela :art:

South Africa :south_africa:
Survivors’ Club --Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen :writing_hand:
DCeased: Unkillables – Karl Mostert :art:

South Korea :kr:
Batman: Hush – Jim Lee :art:

Spain :es:
Superman vs. Wonder Woman – José Luis García López :art:

Sweden :sweden:
Suicide Squad (2011) #16-18 – Henrik Jonsson :art:

Switzerland :switzerland:
Batman: The Dark Prince Charming – Enrico Marini :writing_hand: :art:

Taiwan :taiwan:
The Flash: Season Zero – Kai Yu Wu :writing_hand:
Countdown to Final Crisis – Tom S. Chu :art:

Thailand :thailand:
Raven: Daughter of Darkness – Pop Mhan :art:

Turkey :tr:
Air – M.K. Perker :art:

Ukraine :ukraine:
Blue Beetle (1939) #36-51 – Lou Ferstadt :writing_hand: :art:

United States of America :us:
The New Gods (1971) – Jack Kirby :writing_hand: :art:

Uruguay :uruguay:
The New Teen Titans (1984) #13-49 – Eduardo Barreto :art:

Venezuela :venezuela:
We Are Robin – Jorge Corona :art:

Vietnam :vietnam:
Batman: Li’l Gotham – Dustin Nguyen :writing_hand: :art:

Suicide Squad (2016) – Rob Williams :writing_hand:


Oh I like this idea.:slightly_smiling_face::fr::uk::jp::canada: :mexico:


This is awesome :star_struck:


Mauro Cascioli from Buenos Aires, Argentina was the cover artist for my favorite image of Green Arrow. I’m looking forward to reading Cry for Justice where he is the artist as well.


I believe John McCrea is from Northern Ireland, and he worked on Hitman and DC 1,000,000. To round out the United Kingdoms, I think Rob Williams of Rebirth Suicide Squad is Welsh, though I can’t find any confirmation of that except the Wikipedia.

This does raise the question of whether Alan Moore should be listed as English. Listing Moore as UK and Morrison as Scotland is a bit reminiscent of Is Andy Murray British?


Great idea! :blush::+1:


But, by calling out the different members of the UK you can have more writers and artists. Who’s from Wales? Also, the Scottish are not too happy about their “subjugation” by the English. It only took the English 700 years to return the Stone of Scone. :rofl:


Yeah, I really had to make a choice between Hellblazer and Hitman, and I decided to go with Dangerous Habits because, well, it’s widely considered the best ever Constantine story.

I’ll put Rob Williams in for Wales, and change UK to England.


I actually mean McCrea is from Northern Ireland the UK member state, so that’s one you could add. Plus then you could get Hitman on the list.

Also, no English or Welsh flag emojis… c’mon Discourse :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Completely agree. I was just referencing the running joke that the English press referred to Murray as British when he won and Scottish when he lost.


I’m not counting Ireland twice. They should just get with the program and unite already :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooof. I’m not going to wade into those waters here, don’t want to bring The Troubles to the DC Universe. Which actually makes me curious, were the troubles ever dealt with in DC Comics?

They do have their own soccer team though.


Yeah, I suppose I could have phrased that more carefully. What I mean is that Northern Ireland is part of the UK while the rest isn’t, but they are still the same nation.

I believe The Troubles are touched upon in the Hitman arc “Who Dares, Wins,” issues #23-27.


dude this is really cool


I think America should’ve been either Hitman or All Star Section Eight (both series were made by Garth Ennis)


I mean…



the amount of series on here that were already on my to-read list is absurd lol


Choice? What choice?



they are! good memory!


Garth Ennis is Irish, not American


he’s irish american