DC Superhero Girls "Sweet Justice"

So, I’m watching the new DC Superhero Girls show with my daughter, and it is kind of super great! I love that Babs is the viewpoint chacter. Anybody else watch it, yet? Thoughts?


As a big fan of the original iteration of DCSHG, I’m thinking that it’s going to take me a lot of time to get used to the Lauren Faust version. Of course, I loved her Super Best Friends Forever shorts that aired on DC Nation, so I knew to some extent what I’d be getting … but I must admit that the pilot just never quite gelled for me.

But that’s probably more of a me-thing than a show-thing (I’m adverse to change after all). Batgirl’s hyperactive personality was at times enjoyable, and at times grating. Since she’s the POV character in the pilot, my enjoyment of the show ebbed and waned with my feelings about her. Jessica Cruz’s character was unrecognizable from the comics, as was Bumblebee’s, leaving me feeling like they switched personalities. Maybe I’m just too attached to the original DCSHG designs, voices and pacing.

Anyway, I don’t want to sound negative, because it was still an enjoyable pilot; I’m just still adjusting to the new world. I’m certain to keep watching, and hope that I become a bit more attuned to the breakneck speed and over-the-top antics of the girls.


@christowhit Babs being so hyper was a little off for me at first, too, but once I accepted it, I started to really enjoy it. Babs still has the coolest character design. And I think this show will skew towards being more enjoyable for older audiences. I’m excited to see where they go. I’m just glad a show like it exists for my daughter to watch.

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“Huzzah! Let us earn more chocolate.”

So far I’m enjoying this. I’m glad to see characters in animation that are either relatively new to it (Jessica Cruz) or aren’t seen in it too often (Zatanna).

Did NPH play Lex? Sure sounded like him.


It’s turning out to be one of my favorite shows. I had some worries regarding Cartoon Network running it. Their shows can be a bit too much hysteria for me, in lack of a better word. I think it was very well written and had an interesting group dynamic with a really fun interpretation of the characters.

Maybe I, as a comic book reader would have liked the characteristics to line up a little better with the original characters. I think Jessica Cruz serves a very important role in the comics and that part got lost somewhere, same goes a bit for Kara. I think a show can be for children and still deal with the concepts of mental health issues, loss and the feeling of not belonging. Take for instance The Fortress of Solidarity episode in the original DCSHG.

In the case of Kara, they still have the option of revealing those pieces of her later in the show, as the rocker facade can hide more beneath it, but in the case of Jessica, that ship has sailed. The lack of confidence displayed in Bumblebee isn’t really a replacement for the heavier social anxieties we were introduced to with Jessica. There was room for the show to be a little more than the amazingly fun ride that it is. It could have helped kids notice and give them some tools on how to approach a kid like Jessica and make them feel at ease.

But that’s it. Judged by itself and not in the context of the complex DC world it’s close to flawless. I love how they played with scale. Like Diana is truly an amazon - so much larger than the rest of the crew/pack/clique, but then we see the adult amazons and suddenly there’s a whole new scale in play, then in comes the giant robot.

I think at the core, having one-gendered shows isn’t a good thing. I think it’s counter productive to heal the divide that exists in society. I think that the idea of making space for female super heroes is an amazing one and the right one, but it’s gone about in a way that will just separate the worlds even more. This is just a reflection of the skewed situation we had, and it isn’t prettier because the mirror flipped it.

Having said that, I realize that this is the world we live in, so I also try to enjoy the ride. And this show is definitely one of the best out there. I’ll be watching for sure.


Finished it. I thought it was alot of fun. Lex was played by Will “Batman Beyond” Friedle, but Lex sure sounded like NPH in the beginning.

I look forward to when the series begins airing regularly (March 17th according to IMDB).

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I like it very much

I agree about Jessica and bumblebee shaping personalities.

I like Kara as a sorta Power Girl type.

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I really liked the first version as well as the tie-in comics. This new one… isn’t my cup of tea from what I’ve seen (although I like Wonder Woman’s costume a lot more). I may give it another chance in the future.

Opps, sorry, I just bumped another thread of the same topic - I should’ve looked here first. I’m loving the show!

Batgirl name dropped Professor Pyg! small squeal

I didn’t catch that last night.

Lena Luthor was fun!


And a brat!

It was fun, but I did prefer the previous version more. It had more interesting character designs for me. Too bad they couldn’t keep both versions going. One for TV and one for YouTube.

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