DC Superhero Girls: are you a fan?

Do you enjoy the fun and frivolity of the DC Superhero Girls animated shorts, movies and comics?

I certainly do. I’ve been a fan since the shorts debuted. I like that in addition to its obvious focus on female characters that there was also room made for male ones too (Beast Boy, Flash, Perry the Parademon, among others). There’s supposed to be a TV show on Cartoon Network coming soon at some point, although I’m not aware of its general release date.

I’ve watched the shorts and a few of the movies. They’re very fun. A high point of the franchise is its where the Jessica Cruz GL made her animation debut. I’ve not read any of the comics beyond the Free Comic Day material. If you have, do you recommend a particular title?

What are your thoughts on DC Superhero Girls and what do you like the most about it?


On YouTube, I watched a three part show with Raven, which I enjoyed very much.

Raven, it appears, is home schooled.

So far Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Trigon have appeared on the show.


I think it is undoubtedly DCs most feelgood positive property. I would even argue that it might be their best animated property.

What it may lack in focusing on an ongoing story arc it makes upp for in heart. It still very much has felt like one evolving universe though, growing with each episode, issue and movie and building on the foundation of the previous stories.

It reinterprets much of the whole DC universe, but always understands and stays true to the original essence of the characters. In many ways I think that they also manage to capture parts of characters that the main universe has lost with time, while trying to reinvent itself.

Several costume designs are arguably more interesting than the originals. The main properties would do well in taking inspiration from them.

I can honestly only say good things about the universe. While written on a level made for children, I would argue that some issues and episodes ocassionaly eclipses what DCs main writers put out in the regular universe.

I wish that DC would have kept it and let Lauren’s property evolve independently under the SBFF brand. Both are amazingly well done, but so different.

If I could get DC to change one thing this year, it would probably be to let the original DCSHG universe remain and continue evolving.


I’m not gonna lie, I essentially enjoy everything DC. I know this is really made & geared towards the young female audience, but I think it’s a great idea & looks fun to watch. I just need to do some research & figure out which ones are the beginning. There’s been quite a few released by now.


RP, if you want to start at the beginning, you can go to the DCSG YouTube channel and watch the shorts by season. Last I knew, all of the seasons were still available there.


I think it’s cute and fun. The show and associated comics do a decent job of showcasing a wide range of DC heroes (and villains), adapted to a friendship based, high school aged, super hero squad show aimed at young girls.

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I watched all of the animated series & movies & own all of the figures that were available b4 the additions. Haven’t checked lately, but last I looked Catwoman, Cruz, Trevor, Waller, Ultra Humanite etc weren’t available as figs yet. I love this version of DC. It’s cool to see them as teenagers all attending different schools a la’ Harry Potter style. Waller as principal, Barbara Gordon as AV club president, Trevor as a soda jerk in the local hang out. All great twists on their characters. Liked the Amethyst arc in Hero of the Year movie. The entire DC Nation block on Cartoon Network was on AT&T U-Verse on demand. All of the cartoons & movies ran on there for around a month. I watched em all in one sitting, then watched the Amethyst 7 episode series on Amazon directly after. I liked all of it, the 7 episode series of Amethyst was the only one idc for out of all of them. Not to say I didn’t like it, but I preferred her in the DC Superhero girls toons/movies more then her series.

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I’m a fan of anything that gets anyone interested in the DC universe. Don’t care about it for me but I like it as a strategy to market to kids.

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It’s a great series and deserves some representation here on DCU.

The folks who make it seem to be in love with the DC Universe itself - so many references and Easter Eggs.

Not sure how I feel about the Lauren Faust reboot happening so quickly, but I’m looking forward to seeing it (well, more of it after the brief preview before Teen Titans Go - a story I’d already seen when the show was called ‘Super Best Friends Forever’)


I would like DC to add some more television geared Superhero females and Birds of prey to Dc Universe. I love all thing’s Harley Quinn.

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I liked the original versions they started off with. They had good voice acting and animation. The stories were good too. The references to the entire DC Universe are always fun. I like how it showed the super hero community all converging in a school. I like the strong bonds they show all of the students forming. I also like the redesigns for a lot of the characters.

The reboot is kind of weird. The animation is okay and the voice acting is just a little too much. The characters don’t feel as in depth as the original DC Super Hero Girls. They seem more like basic caricatures. I mean, it’s too soon to tell. They could develop into strong characters over time. I’m just not feeling it anymore.

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When does the new show begin, or has it? I haven’t seen much info on it.

Really love it and I know the episodes are free on YouTube but it would be nice to have them here as well. And there are some comics out there as well I see but I’ve never read any so that would be another fun addition.

The New show focuses on 6 super heroes, and their villains

The six ‘good’ girls are Diana, Kara, Barbara, Zatanna, Jessica Cruz and Karen, Bumble bee , who is the only one in a terrible costume.

They are students of Metropolis High School, with secret identites.

There are some references in Wikipedia that give further details

The styles of the new creator is here in DC Shorts, Supergirl, Donna Troy and Batgirl , in Super Best Friends Forever. There are several very short episodes of that series on our site.

The book tie ins even have a version of Ratcatcher,

The show is here, on the Cartoon Network!!! The premier was March 8th! I am a fan!!!

I love the upbeat, funny, high-energy vibe of the show. And I love, Love, LOVE the camaraderie on the show. Each character is unique and they really highlight that uniqueness. They’re dealing with high school, super powers, trying to be normal, and accepting themselves. I’m so glad girls have show like this. It’s enjoyable for me as an adult as well.

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Since the show is free to watch on YouTube I wonder what’s keeping it from being added here as well? I know it was said DCU is not really intended for kid-friendly content, but there’s plenty of kid-friendly comics and shows on here already. It’s just something that would add more things to watch on here and it’s something DC has out there for free anyway.

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Probably to be a draw for the SHG YouTube channel.

Has anyone seen the latest episodes? This has been a very fun series so far. Now I want to see the merch show up in stores.