DC Speechless!: Chimpview | Detember, Day 3

Please read “DC Speachless!”. If this post convinces at least one person to read it, then my work here is done. Gustavo Duarte is one of the most clever artists currently working for DC, and he knows exactly how to tell a story.

The idea behind DC Speechless is that there is no dialogue. While some may view this as just a gimmick, it is able to say more with no dialogue, than most comics are able to with dialogue, as a result of a number of extremely creative ideas incorporated into the art. Additionally, there are great uses of colors and body language that are able to communicate so many things, very effectively.

“DC Speechless!” is the best comic that I have read all year. It tests the limits of comic book storytelling, and I can not recommend it enough.

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It was definitely a cute story. :smiley:



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Hopefully it’s not all fun.

I like to see some that have quiet moments to show sad stories in them