📚 📆 DC Returns to Wednesdays for New Comic Book Day Beginning July 3rd 📆 📚

Extry, extry! Read all about it :point_right:t2: right here! :point_left:t2:

After nearly 4 years of Tuesday releases, what do you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: think about DC returning to Wednesday for New Comic Book Day beginning in early July?


I wonder if this means new comics on DCUI will also start dropping on Wednesdays?


To paraphrase a line from Dumb and Dumber, I was wondering the same thing.

I don’t remember off-hand, but weren’t new releases on DC Universe (aka the One Year Later era) on Wednesday, prior to The Tuesday Years™?

@Jitsu Are you able to elaborate if the return to Wednesdays for retail will have a ripple effect impacting DCUI?


After several years of Tuesday releases, I just assumed they were here to stay after so long. It’ll be a bit frustrating having to wait an extra day when it switches back, but it’s an incredibly mild inconvenience that’ll I’ll forget about the week after. If switching back to Wednesday releases is better for DC in any way then it’s good w/ me!



Upon reading the news, I’ll bet the Geico camel reacted as follows:

“Hump daaaay, yeah!”

Also, this:

Geico camel: “Mike, Mike, Mike! Guess what day July 3rd will be this year…”

Mike: “New…Comic Book Day?”

Geico camel: “Yeah!

I love that goofy camel. :grin:


The first couple of times when I really wanted to grab a DC title on a Tuesday, I found that both of the main LCS’s I frequent didn’t put the DC titles out until Wednesday anyways.


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Did you then take your business to a store that did put them out on their initial and proper day of release?


That would have required me to go to the third LCS and generally I don’t go to that one unless I’ve struck out at the other two, and for that matter, I never checked if they put DC out on Tuesday. I just tended to adjust my shopping for Wednesday.


I used to have a second back-up too, but I only went there when it was my last choice.

Nice as the store was, it had a heavy pee aroma in the air and when I did shop there, I zipped in and out, Flash-style.

Of course, that store closed and then re-opened in a new spot, wherein the pee aroma was forever gone and their selection of schtuff increased.

Anyhow, I was fine with Tuesdays (especially since that’s also new release day for home video enthusiasts), but I’m also fine with the return to Wednesday.


I usually ended up going on Sunday because it was down the street from Trader Joe’s and I liked the guy who works on Sundays much better than the guys who work the other days.


Trader Joe’s is godly in its grandeur. Do you, like me, also enjoy their sesame sticks?

Were the other guys akin to Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons?


I have been known to partake in a sesame stick.

And at the very least, I feel unwanted at the shop on those other days…like I am a nuisance and taking away from them watching X-Men: The Animated Series or Classic Wrestling. The Sunday guy actually makes conversation, gives me bags and boards and above all else, was incredibly nice to Lady Beatnik when she accompanied me.


Doths a fresh bag of TJ’s sesame sticks chintz’s way.

I find our snacking similarities intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Oh yeah, been there, done that.

Me (to a comic store employee and his buddies): “Excuse me. I was wondering if you had anymore-”

Stool McStoolsitter: “No, sold out.”

Me (to myself as I head toward the door): “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”


I don’t have any insight on whether DCUI will also switch to Wednesday releases, other than to point out that Marvel Unlimited drops new books on Monday, so there’s no real reason they have to be tethered to Wednesdays.

Personally I hope they stick with Tuesday for DCUI. It’s kind of nice to get new [to me] books on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


For me personally it’s a bit of a shame since Tuesdays are one of my regular days off and it was nice to be able to dig into the new DC books on my day off, but I get why it’s probably best for it all to come out the same day.


Before I moved last month, Tuesdays were also an ideal new release day for me, since that was my BFF’s one day off each week and when the mood for a visit to Yon Comic Shoppe struck, it was the day that worked best for us which, given the new release excitement, was ideal.

Now though, I have time for Yon Comic Shoppe on Wednesday, so I guess I’ll get this year’s Fourth of July festivities off to a bang with a visit to The Store on July 3rd. It’ll be my first Wednesday New Comics Day visit to Yon Comic Shoppe in years, so I’m looking forward to it.

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