DC Preview - Incredible Art from Batman #118 by Jorge Molina!

DC is providing fans an early look at some incredible artwork from Batman #118 by artist Jorge Molina!

After the events of “Fear State,” everybody – including the citizens of Gotham City and Batman – need some time to celebrate, heal and process surviving the plans of The Scarecrow and The Magistrate. Batman has retreated alone, into the darkness, only to leave Gotham when he finds out about a mystery involving Batman, Incorporated. This takes The Dark Knight on a new adventure, full of thrills, chills, and intrigue on an international scale!

To learn more about Batman #118 and the new creative team behind it, head over to DC Comics!

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Hmm, Getting batman out of Gotham for a bit will be interesting. You just know something is going to happen in Gotham with the bat out of it.

Let’s be honest… when is something not happening in Gotham? :eyes: