DC Multiverse Batman Ninja Wave Available At Megalopolis Toys


The pricing of this set looks to be a 24 hour deal, so if you’re looking forward to this wave and at a better than retail price, it’s a good deal to act on.

All of the figures in this wave are available individually at Megalopolis at well.

The Batman Ninja wave includes:

-CW Black Lightning
-Modern Age John Stewart GL
-Rebirth Beast Boy
-Rebirth Nightwing
-Rebirth Starfire
-Rebirth Wally West Flash

With the Collect and Connect figure being Batman as he appeared in the Batman Ninja movie.

Heads-up for anyone interested :slight_smile:

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Bumped up to let interested parties know that these figures were in stock at Megalopolis for $19.99 each as of this morning.

Given Target’s focus on the Tribute/Originals assortment and Wally World’s dedication to Killer Croc and friends, online retailers may be the best option for the Ninja Batman wave.