DC Multiverse Aquaman: Between Two Worlds 2018 SDCC exclusive set found at Walmart.

While out and about looking for Shazam movie stuff (3/1 was the street date), I came across the above at Wally World. They had three sets, priced at $50 each.

There was a shelf tag for it, so it didn’t look like someone’s returns. $50 is a great deal if you still need this set. It’s worth that and more =)


Where in Walmart I was recently there and they had nothing but marvel legends and very few dc action figures… Walmart and Target has been very depressing I miss ToysRus !!! Pocono and Allentown PA stores… beautiful set for $50

They were in the toy department. Right under the Multiverse pegs and above the 12" Justice League and Shazam figures. This was at a store in AZ.