DC Memorial

Hello everybody, I’ve gotten this idea while watching YouTube videos where a youtuber visit the gravesite to pay their respects to the person.
DC Memorial is a tribute thread for those who worked on anything DC Comics related that has passaway and here we keep their memories alive.
It can be a comic artist, writers, editors, actors or even a fan of DC Comics.

The first tribute memorial is to this man…

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
(January 7th 1890-September 21st, 1965)
Wheeler-Nicholson was the man who started it all, there would’ve been no DC Comics had it not been for him.
His military career really didn’t go so well, by 1922, that’s when he started writing magazine and in 1934 that’s when he publish the very first comic for National Allied Publication.
And this would be the comic company that would give us our favorite heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more.
Later in life he would write story and stuff till he passaway on February 21st 1965.
His Granddaughter is a actress Dana Wheeler-Nicholson who has appeared in some movies like Tombstone (1993).


That’s it for now, feel free to add any tribute to anybody you like as long it’s DC Comics related. :slightly_smiling_face: