DC Graphic Novel Universe (Similar to a Cinematic Universe but with Comics instead of Movies)

What I want to do here is make a reading order for DC comics and structure it like a cinematic universe. the first “phase” will be from the first hero in DC Post-Crisis continuity (whether its Batman or Superman I can’t figure out) until a justice league origin to end out the “phase.” Please reply with your ideas for the first “phase.”


Okay, so we’re using pre-existing comics? Do they have to be in the same fictional universe, or can we pick and choose pieces from across the multiverse?

For instance, if I wanted to build toward the creation of the JLA, then my goal would be to end the phase with Justice League of America #8. But should I stick strictly with Earth-One origin story comics for the heroes? Year One and Zero Year would be tonally inappropriate origins for the Batman of the early 1960s, but the origin seen in the early Detective Comics stories are also non-canonical by the Silver Age’s standards.

I don’t want to be discouraging, but some folks have already attempted stuff like this - there’s an entire group that’s been working on putting out collections of post crisis stuff in chronological order, and others who did something similar for the New 52 (until they gave that up about the same time as the Convergence event).

However, the disconcerting thing for you would be that from the point of the first appearance of a heroic character (which would be both Superman and Zatarra as they are both in the first issue of Action Comics, which predates the next still existing heroes, Batman, the Jay Garrick Flash and JSA founding member, Wesley Dodds (aka the original Sandman).

And you probably want to take them to the origin of the Justice Society, since the Justice League of America is a silver age thing, and didn’t appear until 1960’s the Brave and the Bold #28, which is on the DCUI site here: The Brave and the Bold (1955-) #28

You might want to pair it down, in other words.

And also keep in mind, while World’s Finest (which started as World’s Best and the World’s Fair special edition) often featured Clark, Bruce and Dick on the covers, the interior stories were solo stories, and heroes rarely teamed up other than the Justice Society of America stories.

Good luck!

Yes, these should be pre-existing comics. You can pick whatever you want as long as it fits together continuity wise.

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Thank you. What I am trying to do here is make a short list separated into segments to make it easier to read. I have seen some of the list you are talking about, and they can be overwhelming at times, so I thought of this idea. I do not want every storyline on this list, just enough to get a basic understanding of the characters. And when I said I didn’t know which came first I meant post-crisis continuity, that was my fault for not making it clear.

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I’ve played with this idea before but admittedly it doesn’t make 100% sense because I’ve used comics from different eras/alternate universes but here goes…

Superman: Birthright (use Man of Steel or Secret Origin if you like those better). Gotta start with # 1, the big guy.

Batman: Year One (or sub Zero Year if that’s your preference)

Wonder Woman: Earth One Book One. (or Rucka’s Year One).

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity by Wagner

Green Lantern: Secret Origin (or Emerald Dawn 1 and 2)

Aquaman: Time and Tide by Peter David (throw in The Atlantis Chronicles as a prequel if you wish)

Green Arrow: Year One by Diggle

The Flash: Year One by Williamson (Flash # 70-75)

Martian Manhunter 2018 # 1-12

Then JLA: Year One by Waid to cap it off.

Cool, your matches mine pretty closely. What happens in Martian Manhunter 2018? Is that an origin? I couldn’t find an origin story for John Jones.

Oh. Well, that’s going to make things a nightmare if we’re trying to build toward a Justice League story. Post-Crisis continuity made a complete mess of the debut for the JLA. Wonder Woman was taken out of it altogether, replaced with Black Canary. And both Batman and Superman were sidelined, so their origin stories are mostly irrelevant.

Here’s what I got so far:

  1. Batman Year One
  2. Man of Steel
  3. Flash Year One
  4. Man Who Laughs
  5. gods and Mortals
  6. Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trinity
  7. Long Halloween
  8. Kryptonite
  9. Emerald Dawn 1
  10. Time and Tide
  11. Challenge of the gods
  12. Emerald Dawn 2
  13. Wonder Year
  14. Search for Mera
  15. JLA Year One

Tell me if there’s anything else I can add to this list.

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I have finished the “Justice Phase.” I’m starting to work on a new “phase” now, it is introducing the Earth 2 characters. It will also continue the threads of this past “phase.” Let me know what you would include in this “phase.”

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