DC Film Universe Future?

With all the talk of Henry Cavill possibly leaving the role of Superman and Ben Affleck still up in the air as Batman, should Shazam, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman 84 be the last entries in the current cinematic universe, or, should they be jumping off points for a rebooted universe with new actors playing Batman and Superman?


I think Henry Cavill will be the next 007. And if he does it would interfere with his being Superman. So I am OK with him relieving the role of Superman… They can find a new actor for the role they have done this many times

That should’ve said I am OK with him leaving the role

I absolutely love DC Comics but in this DCExtendedUniverse I don’t believe these movies are working out so well. I do believe it should be dumped then they should take some time think how they want to take the Cinematic Universe then start again.


Personally, I think trying to have a shared universe is the problem here and that DC should stop trying to copy Marvel on that end. They should just stick to making good quality stand alone movies instead because they are much better at that in my opinion.

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A reboot, Flashpoint, or Rebirth.

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They should keep it separated until they have made enough great movies and then think about making a shared universe but not before then

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I think that if both factors do stay just to finish out Justice League 2 they should end it after that and start a new universe project. But like others have said for anyone who is in the Justice League there should be separate movies for each of them before they even attempt another Justice League movie especially another Green Lantern movie LOL. But in all honesty I think Ryan Reynolds was the perfect actor to play hell Jordan the story was garbage though.

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I’m really worried about flash point personally. While I am a big DC fan my sister (it’s a house divided) is a big marvel fan. We both study comics in school so it’s not like we’re bashing things like “I just don’t like so and so…”

Flash point I think is a HUGE mistake. People already have a hard time understanding stuff with DC and I think it was too hard of a sell to bring in a difficult to empathize bad guy like they did with the mother boxes and junk.

In short – Flash is one of my favorite characters and Flashpoint is one of his most complicated stories. Not a good way for viewers to get their feet wet. There’s a lot of baking in (emotionally) that the writers will have to front load and that’s rarely interesting.

Think back to the Future right? That movie worked because the most complicated thing there was the idea of time travel. We understood the timeline we we’re altering, the characters we were messing with. For a lot of new viewers for this Flash movie – they’re not going to understand the characters let alone how the speed force works (something I’ve explained to even seasoned DC vets).

It’s a lot to ask of a viewer. I worry that DC is making movies for who they think are watching and not who actually are…


These last few movies that are coming out should honestly be their last. Because they have no actual plan here. They keep on making announcements for movies that no one asked for and have no place in what makes sense which was the original plan. How could they let a non comic reader like Margot Robbie choose what storyline to adapt and mix it up. Now we have a Harley Quinn led Birds Of Prey movie in works🙄. Nobody there cares about the source material and it’s tragic🤦🏾‍♂️


I feel like after JL and aquaman this year, I was really disappointed that they chose to make it more kid friendly by going with shazam, maybe it’s just me but no dc that is not what I expected, yes you had all your characters meeting up in JL but what is the end goal, like none of the movies have really tied into each other. While yes they have used some pretty influential storyline arcs as a basis for the films, it doesn’t feel like a shared universe. The cw tv series in the arrowverse is way better at sharing a universe than their big screen counterparts I mean look how they pulled supergirl from a completely different network and melded her in seamlessly. Take a hint from the small screen that is how you make a real shared universe.

Marvel has an amazing formula and if DC can be criticized for copying marvel then thats fine but lets not let them be criticized for trying to cash in on marvels idea and epic failing. start slow. reboot. start with batman get him a movie then get superman a movie. leave little hints that they have a shared universe. then throw in a squeal to batman then give wonderwoman an entry movie and then do maybe a three hero crossover nothing big. then start releasing more. or just copy your AU which i currently love. shake things up but keep it good. give us a batman year one show that directly ties into the movies there you dont need an origin movie then. give us movies few and far between sepret loosly connect but leave there room for them to be stung together like that patchy blanket thing XD

Well the thing with Batman and superman no matter who plays them we know enough about them already it wouldn’t be a big deal really. Or atleast not as big as people are making it out to be. I guess it depends how aquaman wonder woman . Birds of prey and the flash go. I belive they will already be filmed or will be in production by the time WW 84 comes out.

John Cena for Superman

I’d like it if they used The Flash as a jumping off point to reboot.

If they do reboot, then they should start with a WW2 era Justice Society film (could have Wonder Woman be the link between the teams), make them the inspiration behind the current day heroes. I would also give the story an overarching theme of “Hope” to set the tone for future films to not be so damn bleak.

Just forget the shared Universe idea and make solid Character Driven films. If after a few years they have a base to do some Crossover films, fine… but Don’t make that the intention or goal.