DC Film Composers

Let’s talk some tunes, man!

  1. Who’s a composer of movie music that has yet to do music for a DC movie that you’d like to hear from?

  2. Is there a composing talent whose shadow has graced the cinematic doorstep of DC but only for a brief period and you’d like to have them over more often?

Michael Giacchino is my pick for #1 while Alan Silvestri and John Ottoman tie for #2.

What are your thoughts on fresh talent as well returning ones for future DC Film music?


John *Ottman

For the right movie. One can never go wrong using Danny Elfman

The late, great Shirley Walker was an enormous part of what made Batman: Mask of the Phantasm so special. And for all the credit she gets for BTAS- it bears noting that her work on the JWS Flash series was phenomenal.

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Move over Michael! Steve Jablonsky, who is predominantly known for scoring select Michael Bay films (his scores for The Island and Transformers in particular) just came to mind as an equal #1 pick.

Music like this belongs in a DC movie:


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@HCQ Shirley Walker was indeed an enormous talent. She was also the conductor of Elfman’s score for Batman. She definitely developed a taste for The Bat.

Shirley Walker for sure, but need to add John Williams (Superman) and Hans Zimmer(Batman).

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I would absolutely LOVE to hear Silvestri do a DC score.

If he were still with us today, I would’ve loved to have heard James Horner take on a DC movie. His work on the Rocketeer is still thrilling to this day.

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This is a strech , but what about John Williams doing a Green Lantern movie?

John Williams can score anything he wants in the DC Universe.