DC Fan YouTube Channel: The REAL Nathan Xperience

Hey fellow fans! I have a new YouTube video about my review of Shazam! Here it is:

I created this channel to express my incredible love (and my fanboyism) of films, books, comic books, music and travel. I am also on a health and fitness journey that I will sharing with you along the way.

On a personal note, in case you are wondering why I look the way I look, I have Treacher Collins’ syndrome. (Google it.) However, it doesn’t stop me from having a great personality, loving life, enjoying the small things and sharing it with you. SO! Come join me on this incredible adventure and help me grow this awesome experience! Take a deep breath! Be Bold! Be adventurous!!

Check it out subscribe and Thanks!

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New video has been dropped. It includes my opinion on the Batman: Hush and Swamp Thing trailer including one more non DC related. Check It out!


Crazy is beautiful.