DC Fan Art Club: February 2024 - DC Power, Favorite Couple, Shadows & Light

Hi @DCFanArtClub and welcome to February! The shortest month of the year (even counting leap year in 2024) is home to two large events – Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. We’ll touch on both of those and, since Perspective Month turned out so well in January, we’ll finish up with another art technique topic.

DC Power 2024 has been released on DC Universe Infinite and, I believe, it is open to all tiers even though it is a brand new release. For Black History Month, let’s take a look at who appears in the anthology this year.

The last few pages have DC Who’s Who style entries for some of the major characters.

  • Val-Zod the Superman of Earth-2
  • Black Manta - fresh from his appearance in the Aquaman movie
  • The Signal - supporting character in Batman with photokinetic abilities
  • The Spectre’s latest host Crispus Allen
  • Mister Terrific - currently appearing in the new Flash series

Many other characters not pictured above also appear in the issue such as Green Lantern John Stewart, Nubia, Wallace West and Far Sector.

Pick your favorite and let’s celebrate Black History Month.

For Valentine’s Day, draw a picture of your favorite DC couple. You can define couple any way you’d like. Be traditional with Superman/Lois, Batman/Catwoman, HarlIvy, Apollo/Midnighter or go off the rails with Monsieur Mallah and the Brain.

Feel free to go the ‘just friends’ route too with Booster Gold/Blue Beetle or the Super Sons.

Mix and match any way you’d like, but a big part of the challenge is to incorporate more than one character and keep everything in proper proportion.

The art technique we will practice this month is using shadows and light. This is also known as drawing in a Chiaroscuro style.

Chiaroscuro is defined as using high contrasts between light and dark throughout an entire composition.

Think Frank Miller, Kelley Jones or TIm Sale’s work.

One of the modern masters of this style is Mike Deodato. He worked for Marvel for many years, but now is drawing the new Flash series for DC Comics. He’s one of my favorite artists and he uses light and shadow in almost everything he does.

Max Mercury in the title picture and the Flash right above this section both come from issue 1 and take a look at this variant cover for Batman The Brave and the Bold #8. Wild Dog has never looked better.

Choose any character you want and browse some fine art done in Chiaroscuro style for inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you work with traditional media and happen to get your hands covered in ink, let’s see that too! :paintbrush: :grin:

Post your thoughts and work in the thread below and thanks for being a part of the art club here at DC Universe Infinite!

Due Date: February 29, 2024

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Fantastic! I’ve already been working on some for both Marvel & DC


Great choices this month.
Also, based on my enjoyment of shading, Chiaroscuro seems right up my alley


Sure you can spell Chiaroscuro, but can you pronounce it! :crazy_face:

This month sounds like fun. Looking forward to it. You have started the year off amazingly with these challenges. Keep it up! :metal::metal:


Awesome™:+1: already got some idea for the first 2. And interested in the light and shadow style. Always like working with lighting.


Definitely not!
It’s one of those words where, when you see it, you have a pronunciation in your head, but then you hear someone say it and you were way off.


Harley & Ivy enjoying Valentine’s Day together.


Wow, the background is amazing! Super awesome work!


Thank you :pray:


Here’s Black Manta. The tricky thing about him is that his proportions are not based on his helmet since it is much bigger than his head.

He’s had a lot of different designs over the years, but I based this on his 2021 mini-series.


Excellent foreground and background. Totally looks underwater with the use of color. Love the little fishies and bubbles. :metal::metal:


I like the colors you used here - nice Black Manta :smiley:


Thanks @RobArt471 and @LastSon0fMars!


This is a 2 in 1, Black Manta for the black history piece and also in the Chiaroscuro style.
I added bubbles just for you @JKoco17 :rofl: Thanks for the inspiration. :metal:

(Wish I could’ve got the glare out of it though.)


Dang this is sick! You really captured the awe of his rays so simply yet succinctly


Awesome, @RobArt471! :green_heart: :00_harlivy:


Great job so far, everybody! :star:


Whoa! Thank you so very much! :pray:


I am very thankful for your comment! :pray:


Great use of light and dark! Love the bubbles!!


Awesome™:+1: black manta. Funny I’m doing the same thing combining the two challenges and used manta too​:laughing::sweat_smile:. Also the Harley Ivy one looks amazing. Great with the lighting.

Looks awesome™:+1:. Really cool choice with that suit and nice touch with the bubbles.