DC Essentials Action Figures?

Is the DC essentials line worth picking up? Im planning to start collecting them.

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I have Deathstroke and all of wave 2 (Modern Superman, Brainiac, Aquaman and Black Manta) and I like them alot.

I’m looking forward to the Shazam two-pack and Rebirth Wonder Woman.

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@Vroom the 2-pack is one of the reasons I want to start collecting them. Also did you see the Cyborg Superman? It looks fantastic

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Oh yeah, I did see Cyborg Superman! He looks great. Aren’t there a couple other Superman characters coming out with him?

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@Vroom the only other Superman character is Supergirl, she looks just as good as the DC Icons version in my opinion

I forgot about Supergirl, but I’m vaguely remembering her now. Is she in her Rebirth suit?

@Vroom Yes. Also a good notable release which I am very interested in is Cheetah

Gah, I forgot about Cheetah too. Googles pictures of all three figures Her, Cyborg Superman and Supergirl all look great.

I got the Shazam and Black Adam two-pack yesterday. Both figures are really nifty (if not a bit top heavy and tricky to stand as a result).

Are these figures the same scale as Mattel’s Multiverse? I like to keep the figures similar, but this would be a great way to add characters that I missed earlier.

No, the DC Essentials line is in a 7" scale, while Multiverse is 6".

You might want to try DC Collectibles’ DC Icons line (the precursor to Essentials). That line is in a 6" scale.