DC Direct Live Q&A Prize Winners (back in March)

Hi there,

I was curious if any of the prize winners during the DC Direct Live Q&A have received any updates? The Q&A was in this community back in early March I believe.

I was one of the winners and I received an update email in May saying shipping is delayed due to COVID, which is totally understandable.

I tried to reach out again recently but it seems their email isn’t accepting any messages.

I know the world has changed since and there are more pressing issues. I just never had won a prize online before and was something I was looking forward to, especially in these dark times.

If anyone at DC or any of the members have any updates please let me know.

Take care fellow fans! Be safe.

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Hi @Applejack

Was curious if you had any updates on these prizes?

Any updates/news would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Haven’t got any new updates in few months. From what I remember they said when things are able to get up and running they will get on it. So I’m waiting and hopefully when things are up and running after they get things settled they’ll get to sending stuff out that was supposed to be sent out before this all happened. :+1:

I just read that DC Direct May be shutting down altogether :’(

As a huge fan of their artistry this is a massive shame.

I’m suddenly not all that optimistic we will get our prizes.

I will make sure you get your prize - please bear with us a few more beats, but this will not go unresolved.


Bleeding cool’s never been a trustworthy source to me. I think it all be good one way or another. :+1:

Thank you. Appreciate it. :pray:t2: