DC Daily

For about a week, anytime I start watching a new episodes of DC Daily, the show would start in a middle or the end of the show. Has this happen to anybody? Hope DC fix this problem.

Seems others are having the same issue. I’ve seen at least one other post about it, which had several comments. I’m also having that issue. I thought originally it was because a friend was watching them. But he said he wasn’t.

Please reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance: Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center

Still happening. Brand new DC Daily episode is already marked as fully watched for me…

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A few DC Daily episodes on Android TV (at least a week or so ago) would start about 2 minutes into the episode.

Imagine a world where you go in the app and there’s a drop-down that has a help rather than having to be told by moderator’s what the hidden link is…