DC Daily

I’d like to see DC Daily pinned to the home page. You know I’m going to come watch it everyday. Make it easy for me to find!


Add to your favorites list.

But I’m sure it will be in the scroll every day as well.

I have it on my favorites but Sunday there was no new episode, so wondering if that is a one time thing or if its just 6 days a week.

DC Daily is 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday. This past Saturday was just a special since it was the official launch day of DC Universe.

Easy way I found it is going to all Movies and TV then selecting it. That gives you a list of all the episodes.

I think they may be putting them on YouTube too

I wish the episodes were earlier. As of 7pm on the East Coast, Monday’s show was not yet up. Same with the daily contests. Everything seems to be West Coast-geared.

Looks like they’re only putting the headlines section on YouTube and leaving the documentary and discussion parts exclusive.