DC Daily needs to add an older viewpoint

I just watched the DC Daily episode for November 29, 2018. The discussion was about the first episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. All of the panel 's views were valid and accurate for people their age. References and comparisons were made to Batman 66. I feel that a viewpoint of someone who was around at that time . Most of us still enjoy watching and reading the new stuff . I would like hear from my age group as well. Thank You for the forum


Hi Marty61, thank you for the feedback! I agree, it’s great to add different perspectives to a conversation. Since we didn’t have an older generation for this conversation, I’m curious what your thoughts are- please share if you’re comfortable! :slight_smile:


I’m 64, and I agree with Marty, you need an older perspective


Hi Marty

I am older too. My handle includes my date of birth. I am 68. Turok was my favorite hero, in Dell comics. I loved the dinosaurs in his comic when I was a kid.

For the past week, I have been commenting on the threads. I even added one, describing my 6 favorite fan fiction stories.

I tried to see if Search could show me the threads I contributed to, but Search did not recognize my name and delivered 0 results, not even giving me the thread I created.

Replying to threads is addicting and I will probably minimize my response soon. I have a month to do self physical therapy to learn to walk again, or I will have to resign my job as a mainframe computer programmer, after 44 years there. That was where my life was. I feel helpless struggling to walk and it feels good if I reply to a thread and get a reply or even a ‘like’. But that is an illusion in communicating, not real life. Some of the members here are alone and isolated.

I liked Batman 66 very much, maybe not even realizing it was parody when I was 16 or so.

My favorites lines were between Catwoman and Batman at the end of one episode

Catwoman But it was a good plan, wasn’t it?
Batman. One of your best, Catwoman.

Those lines remind me of how in the movie Harvey, Elwood P Dowd ( Jimmy Stewart) said, “In life, you can be oh so smart , or oh so kind. I 've tried both. Kinder is better.”

I only watched Brave and Bold once, recently. It was the Doom Patrol episode. It did a nice job on the sacrifice of their lives at the end of Their first series. It is not my favorite series.

What I did not like about Batman 66 was what it did to DC comics. Writers in their forties and fifties were told to use teenage lingo. Before that, DC did not have much personality, but they were role models holding down real jobs, which the readers saw, rather than always being in their super hero costumes. They had relations with normal human beings, not just other super heroes. Iris West and Carol Ferris were important. The heroes were people of high morals and often used scientific ideas to defeat the villain, who usually only robbed banks, not killed people.

In an attempt to cash in on Batman 66, all the good guys and the bad guys in DC comics became silly and that was unforgivable.


TurokSonOfStone, first and foremost please get well. You make some extremely valid points about the app and the sixties mentalities of comic books. I started reading comics because of the “campy” Batman '66 show and my friends and me (at age ten) did not know it was a send-up, so the comics we read seemed just a natural extension. Thankfully Denny O’Neill and Neal Adams returned Batman to his roots after the show ran in course, and in doing so helped to create the modern comic book. As for DC Daily, I don’t watch it regularly. But feature creators like Wolfman, O’Neill, and Adams and I would gladly tune in. Their insights would be both educational and entertaining


@TurokSonOfStone1950, we are absolutely in agreement about the limitations of the forum functionality, and I’m very excited to show off some new projects we have in the works to improve the flow.

But more to the point, I wish you a speedy recovery. It’s very hard to self-motivate, and if there’s anything we can do as a community to help inspire you please let us know. You can even let us know in the “random” section or something when you’ve accomplished even small goals that day. I promise that we are all cheering you on.

These forums are not a replacement for real life, but with the way the world is changing they do offer a really special resource for finding like-minds. Sometimes our friends just don’t get how deep our passions run. I’ve come to feel like I personally know many of the people on these forums, and the mods and I have developed some really important relationships.

It’s great to hear your perspective! It’s interesting to know that the issue of certain properties affecting the overall brand has been a cycle throughout the years. And even more interesting to think about how these heroes have enough integrity to survive those challenges.


I’m 40 and agree that an older perspective is badly needed. I had to stop watching DC Daily because the “commentary” seems to be painfully scripted and skewed toward a younger audience. It was really frustrating to listen to some of those panels but I finally realized I probably wasn’t part of the key demo/audience they’re trying to reach and just stopped watching. I thought John Barrowman was going to provide the older voice as a balance to the younger viewpoint but he’s an actor with things to do and hasn’t really been around much since the launch… or maybe he has been and I haven’t noticed.


Than you.

i had a class with Denny O’Neil at New York University even school in 2009, Ten session. Part of that course Denny sent to Bleeding Cool and is still available in the Internet.

I was privileged to write a treatment and an entire issue, using comic books specifications, for Denny, and submitted it to him. Unfortunately he never reviewed it.

It was called the Dark Forces and set before America joined. World War 2. Joan Wayne is working on the super soldier formula , when a enemy spy comes in. She swallows the potion and burns her records, before the spy ‘kills’ her.

We watch as the bullets get pushed out of her body. Major Steve Taylor contacts her and she demonstrates her new abilities. She trains and an unidentified, to the reader., Lady Blackhawk, pilots her to Romania. There she battles a werewolf, who she finds later is part of the Resistance she is to join. There is a beautiful lady Vampire, who is the leader. The character I enjoyed most was a young male gypsy.

I wrote: Lucian ( werewolf in human form) is carrying a small struggling smallish, teenage boy. The gypsy has a slight mustache. He is a thief. Think of him as our Aladdin, Robin Hood, Robin and Douglas Fairbanks figure.

There is more. But I was stealing heavily from Rod Sterling’s Night Gallery episode, called The Devil is not mocked, where German Nazis soldiers intrude into a castle. The owner of the castle ignores their insults and provides the officers dinner. Night comes and there is howling everywhere. Then the Germans are shooting their guns everywhere. We see a soldier being dragged from the floor but don’t see who is dragging. Then the owner reveals that he is the head of the resistance, consisting of werewolves and vampires. He is Dracula.

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Turocksonofstone1950, I agree with your point about the “mod” talk of the 1960’s Titans, it was terrible. Last week I tried to reread some of the old T.T. books from back then, let’s just say they didn’t hold up all that well. Strangely, the original Batman comics from the 1940’s don’t have that problem.

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@TurokSonOfStone1950 I hope this can provide some hope to you, despite being quite young.

First, despite your name not appearing in searches, I have been able to find some of mine by typing a keyword I used (it may take a few tries).

Second, while I do not know that much about you, I belive the DC Universe community can greatly become enhanced with your input, so I suggest not giving up or minimizing your response frequency.

Third, and most important, I hope you can recover and regain access to your legs. While I am not too familiar with recovering, have you looked into books, videos, articles, or face-to-face discussions to see how people who have been in similar situations recovered? If so, and you do not gain the ability to move your legs again, maybe this can be a sign to use this seemingly tragedy as a gift because, maybe, it will open up a door to new and potentially better career opportunities. I apologize if this sets the tone different than what you are looking for, but there is a line in the Lego Movie song Everything is Awesome that says …lost my job there is a new opportunity, more free time for my awesome community… .

Ultimately, I do not know what you are experiencing. But, I have faced some dark times in my life and I have realized that the darkness is there because it attempts to block the light. Once the reason for the darkness’s appearance has been uncovered, a new light blossoms in inconceivable ways. In my elementary school days, I would try to tell jokes, but as I learned more about life, I lost my self-esteem and went down a very dark road. That darkness built to a very chaotic point that led me to near rock bottom. It was through that experience, I was able to identify what dragged me down and as soon as I did, I could literally see in my mind a dark entity’s fingers curl away from me. Now, I try to bring more humor and randomness into my life, just like I did before.

I apologize for the length, but the reason behind my experience is to say that darkness is not anything to believe weighs us down. It is quite the opposite because once the darkness is lifted, we return to who we are, but with a higher potency for being able to return. This obstacle will be lifted, and once you regain the ability to walk, you will have your familiar gift, but will be more grateful and optimistic for overcoming the adversity.

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Hi abfgnsw

The reason I tried searching my handle was to give the original poster, Marty, an easy way to find my stuff. He said he wanted to hear what other older members thought about things. I know what threads I contributed to, about 16 this week, and reduced it to six bookmarks. One other thing I found out is if a Mod moves a thread to another area, you can’t delete the bookmark until you find out where it was moved to. Then you can bookmark where it is now, and then you are able to delete both bookmarks.

I have to cut back because I am spending too much time here in two ways.

First, writing the reply itself. My replies tend to be long and often stray from the point like the reply above this. I am very slow in typing, that is why I don’t participate in the Friday night Titans event. The other is that I don’t have two devices, one to watch the show, the other to type responses. But I do follow the responses while rather easily determining where the show is at that moment. That is because I watched the show twice already that day, once at 6 am.

The second season I have to cut my time here, is that I am constantly waiting for a reply to my reply. That is a sign of an addictive personality. I should and will, look at this site, at most three times a day. Today, I was on almost all day, from 6 am on. That is not a good use of my time. Later, if I exercise every half hour, I can use visiting this site as a reward, but not now. I have to break the addiction.

I have use of my legs. I .just can’t move very far. I live in a city, in an apartment building. I find it very hard even to go to get my mail, much less put mail in the mailbox, get food by myself, go to the bank, or buy a comic book. It has been this way, off and on, for two years now. I have other symptoms. I can get intense vertigo. If I don’t eat every three hours, I get dizzy and then can’t walk at all. I weigh three hundred pounds.

I have to do exercises that make me dizzy, so my brain can attempt to deal with failures in my eye, ear, feet and balance systems. I know what the exercises are. I just have to do them. I don’t have to log on to this site to see if anybody liked my response.

I have to walk every half hour. I have to lift small weights and use resistance bands. I have to do stretching exercises. I have to force myself to do these things, yet not over stress myself so I hurt myself or can’t do exercises the next day.

I am not depressed or in need of a pep talk. I know how to do this. I lost forty pound when I was in high school. I sometimes get angry with myself, that I don’t do my exercises. Other times, I take the path of least resistance, like surfing the internet.


I just pressed like because some of those kids make me feel really old, though it is refreshing to watch sometimes. I t was nice to see John Barrowman’s interview the other day since he’s around my age. I love it that Black Lightening is also from my generation. DC has such a long and rich history and it’s very good about embracing it, in spite if the occasional continuity reboot.


@TurokSonOfStone1950 I apologize for assuming you were depressed. I read that you said you were hopeless and that some people are alone and lonely, and assumed you were weighed down by this difficulty.

I am glad your situation is better than how I presumed.

I also don’t think it is bad to check posts frequently, I do it too. Sometimes, I am bored and at other times, I never know if I will get an opportunity to talk to others and want to let people know that I try to be a good communicator.

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Thank you very much.

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