DC Daily needs more Amy Dallen!

I hope we’ll see more of Amy on these panels. I love her enthusiasm and knowledge and she’s awesome on Collider Heroes.


Absolutely, I have watched her on “Hero’s” (The great Jon Schnepp’s old show, R.I.P) this past year, she knows her comic book mythology, and is a true sweaty!


It was great seeing Amy back on the panel. Please have her back as much as possible! She’s easily the most knowledgeable person of them all.

I agree with this emphatically.

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She’s cute and has such great energy. Seen her before on DC’s youtube channel and yeah I’d like her to appear On the daily panel more often


I agree. Watching panelists who have a deep knowledge of the comics (not just the video-based media) is so much more enjoyable.

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I think they should give her and Sam Humphries their own show on the service.