DC Daily-Harley Quinn Smith

Where is HQSmith? I haven’t seen her on the Daily show yet. Is she still a host?

She was on for like one episode last Saturday or Monday I believe but other than that she’s been a no show. Not sure if she was specifically hired for just dc daily or if she was hired for another position as well. I kinda feel like her knowledge of the dc universe was weak compared to the other hosts.


Yeah. We will see. I thought she was gonna be a regular.

Seriously though. I still haven’t seen her. So what was the big hype about her getting the job? Is she behind the scenes or something?

Yeah she hasn’t been seen since the live stream with her Dad hosting. Well, the cast of contributors is way too big already, so it’s probably hard for the Producers of DC Daily to find a role for her.

Haven’t seen John Barrowman lately either he was all over the place the first few days and then just…nothing! I bet we’ll see H.Q. during the NYCC reports as a “roving reporter”

According to Barrowman’s instagram, he was appearing at some Comic Cons and traveled to Europe. So he’s been busy. My guess is he will be back once the DC shows on the CW start and there are things to talk about from his former shows.

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Wouldn’t shock me if they were saving her for a Harley Quinn themed episode, or if she was getting ready for Comic-Con

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Barrowman said during the live stream that his role was going to be doing “deep dives” into DC history and memorabilia (and hats off to the guy for showing up with his personal copy of the book with the first appearance of Malcolm Merlyn). I have no idea what happened to Harley, though; she did appear once after the live stream, on (I think) the first Friday of the regular run. I’m sure she could add as much to the talk panels as anyone else who’s on them.

@Markhb I’ve been watching every episode and I don’t remember seeing her in any of them after the kickoff. I’m not saying your wrong, just wondering if you remember what they were talking about because now I’m curious how I missed her. Was she in the talk section or somewhere else?

Actually, nevermind I just found her lol it was literally Episode 1 on here.

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I love Harley she is awesome. She is doing great and loved her in Yoga Hosers and She is pursuing a passion of hers. That’s what we are all doing right following our passions.