Dc Daily format

Am i missing something or has the format for Dc Daily been changed? I loved it when it was news, interviews and other content before the couch discussions at the end now its just…meh. Wha happened?

@toddhill, the format hasn’t changed! These are just some “bonus features”, so to speak to hold us over until they come back better than ever on Friday :slight_smile:


Thank you! been hoping that was all it was!

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And some days there may be less news, so they give reviews and filler. Personally, I’m still not sold on some of the people on it. But it’s still fun.

Since December 21 we have been either getting a watered down version or none at all like last Monday - I for one look forward to that portion of this app

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DC kinda Daily? DC Every Now & Then? DC When We Feel Like It?


I figured this was a “for the holidays” thing. Even with a large cast that rotated around they still can’t work every single day of the year. That being said I do hope they stop doing the book reviews for new comics. I don’t mind previews but going into detail on a new release that isn’t on the site and I haven’t read yet just makes me feel like I’m listening to a conversation in code. There are hundreds of books on the site… talk about those. I know the powers that be want you to sell sell sell all DC products but seriously the service is too new for you to not be sell sell selling DC Universe first and foremost. Just saying we need to be reinforced as early adopters so we keep renewing and convince others to subscribe.
Personally I think DC Universe is a bit too niche to survive in the grand market that is coming (I hope it does) vs Disney+ and Netflix and Prime and whatever other big studio makes the jump next (CBS All Access is Viacom, Comcast is NBS/Universal) I think DC Universe will ultimately become a part of WB Universe which I think will hold a much better value for all of us.
I think I strayed a bit off topic there but whatevs… have a great day!

I’m kind of disappointed too. It is one of the key things I like about the service.
( still wish I could access news community etc. on roku but whatever)
Hopefully they will get back soon a lot of hosts have been posting vacation pics on instagram so maybe next week