DC Daily Ep. 124

I was taken aback a bit today. Not by the content, as it is generally good. It was by specific wording and I know I really shouldn’t let it bother me, but it did. I even left a comment on the DC YouTube channel. My comment there was this:

“I don’t have a problem with Oracle being a voice in Dick’s ear. I do think it’s pretty messed up that John Kourounis refers to her as ‘it’. Oracle is well known as Barbara Golden and not an invisible party by fans. Perhaps she’s an invisible party unknown by some newcomers, but this is Oracle to the fans. We know her. We know her relationship with Dick Grayson. To call her an ‘it’ diminishes the powerful female that is a grand part of the team. I am not calling John a misogynist or saying he said anything wrong, as he’s clearly a fan of the character. I’m just saying, Barbara Gordon, Oracle, overcame a lot and should not be referred to as ‘it’.”

All that said, I’m a DC fanboy, and have been for most of my 40+ years (yes, I’m an old). And, again, I’m not playing some card calling John any kind of name, nor do I feel he is wrong. I just think Barbara Gordon is a character deserving more respect than “it”.

Of course, this is the YJ universe and it may not be Barb, but I’m pretty sure we all assume it is. And even if it isn’t, the voice on the other end of the line shouldn’t be referred to as “it”.

(Hoping not to spark a political debate. That’s really not the point and I’ve not really run into that in this community. I just thought it should be said… for Barbara,)


And, Google loves to turn “Gordon” into “Golden” for some reason. Did the same on YouTube, but I didn’t get the option to edit here.

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Get a life


I don’t know to what you are referring to but but sure the person making the comment not trying to make a political statement it was probably just some misspoken idea. They were probably just talking about Oracle more as an idea. Again I don’t know the context.

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I agree. I really don’t think there was anything nefarious meant by it. It just struck me as a bit out of character from the commentator. Very likely a statement on the concept of Oracle. It just hit me the wrong way and wanted to share.

The reason they refer to Oracle like that is because they are discussing the episode and trying to avoid spoilers. The episode went out of their way to not show Barbara and she was kept hidden from the rest of the team. Maybe some new fans of DC don’t know who Oracle is and might have thought she was an A.I. like Gideon. If you notice that episode of DC Daily, all of the hosts were trying to work around exposing who Oracle is (even though we all know and the episodes have been out for a while so I don’t get why they were doing that).