DC Daily Comic Book Club: BATMAN (1940) Issues 611-613 (BATMAN HUSH 4-6)


Bruce and Selina go to the Opera where their alter egos turn into the show. Harley is pretty darn tough, she shoots catwoman in the shoulder after dropping a sandbag on Batman’s cracked skull. I like the setting in the Opera House.


I noticed on landscape mode on my TV it wouldn’t show the last pic of Tommy laying on the ground, making the cliffhanger far more ineffective.

I’m bringing in the rear!

Once again Jim Lee’s art, just phenomenal.

Our trip to metropolis was fun! It was fun catching up with our pal Superman (How great is Lee’s Superman!) I thought the battle was neat. I usually find Superman/Batman fights to be frustrating because Superman is portrayed as a dummy, but here it works. I thought Ivy was a good counter to Batman/Catwoman.

Next issue’s Opera trip was the highlight for me. I thought Harley was great. It felt like a classic stick up. I loved it. And who can not love the cliffhanger at the end. Joker! Come on! So good.

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1.) I would say in this book it is, but in any other book no. That’s all i’ll say about that for now,

2.) SO NECESSARY. With Ivy, you really can’t be too careful especially with Superman around. Also it didn’t feel TOO excessive.

3.0At the end of the day, i do think Batman is doomed to tragedy. I think he defiantly brings tragedy upon himself in a sense, but losing your parents at that young of an age just sets you up to get the worst of it, imo. Cowl or no cowl.

4.) Yeah it is. I mean i wouldn’t want him to die as a reader, but he can’t be contained. I would rather him die, than an innocent person.

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I’m sorry for the delayed response (I’m at WonderCon this weekend).

Thanks for sharing your story of when you first saw the arch! Jim Lee is my favorite artist, and Loeb is one of my favorite authors.


@MattMcDonald has posted a thread for the next three issues of Hush which will be discussed in DC Daily’s Bookclub! I hope you continue along with us there.

Great discussion and insights everyone!