DC Daily Comic Book Club: BATMAN (1940) Issues 611-613 (BATMAN HUSH 4-6)

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I’m very excited to welcome you back to another edition of DC Daily Comic Book Club. The place to read along with the DC Daily Crew and discuss the books with other DC Daily fans!

This week we are continuing our journey through Batman: Hush with issues 611-613 of Batman (1940). Batman HUSH 4-6 is written by Jeph Loeb with art from Jim Lee.

Spoiler discussion begins right now and lasts until Friday, March 29. So what are you waiting for?!

Make sure you swing by after the DC Daily Comic Book Club episode airs so you can discuss the panel’s reaction to the story!

:eight_spoked_asterisk: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS :eight_spoked_asterisk:

  1. Is Bruce’s friendship with Thomas Elliot more significant than Batman’s friendship with Superman?

  2. Catwoman punches Poison Ivy and Superman asks, “Was that necessary?” Well, was it?

  3. Bruce talks about his dad’s love for tragedy in operas. Is Batman doomed to tragedy? Or does he bring it upon himself?

  4. Is it time for the Joker to die?

Spoiler discussion of Hush issues 7-9 kicks off Saturday, March 30th so mark your calendars!

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  1. No. Without spoiling anything, Bruce and Tommy’s friendship is not at all on the level of his and Clark’s. True, Tommy and Bruce go back to Bruce’s childhood before he lost his parents but Clark is Bruce’s best friend for good reason.

  2. As Batman and Catwoman said in unison “Yes”. To take advantage of Catwoman is to eventually feel her wrath. Nobody messes with Selina. Ivy simply brought it on herself.

  3. I don’t think Bruce is doomed for tragedy. It’s just a sad coincidence on various motifs in his life. Batman is a symbol of hope to good people and has helped save Gotham, the world, and the multiverse many times over. From a certain point of view, those elements of optimism can counter certain sadder elements (obviously not the loss of his parents, but as for other things that’s where the “certain” aspect comes in).

  4. Oh, absolutely! It was time when he shot Barbara and killed Jason, more than time when he killed Sarah Essen and it is way beyond time by the point when the Hush arc rolls around. Joker may be innocent in Hush but Batman has all the justification he needs to beat that SOB’s brain into the pavement and end Joker’s madness once and for all. Batman will kill, but only when there is absolutely no other way to defeat an enemy. An exception can be made however as Joker (much like Ivy and her punishment at the hands of Catwoman) completely brought it on himself.


Excited to get back to Hush this week! I will say I’ve always really liked Hush, but it’s never been one of my favorites. But I enjoyed those first 3 issues WAY more than I remembered.

And I could look at Jim Lee’s Batman all day and not get bored.

  1. Bruce & Tommy’s relationship: I don’t think it’s as significant as Bruce & Clark’s bc Batman & Supes compliment each other in a yin and yang type of way. :yin_yang:
  2. Cat punches Ivy: It was so necessary. She was trying to escape plus she manipulated Selina. I’d have done the same thing :fist_right::herb:
  3. Bruce doomed: I’d say yes he is doomed for tragedy. Just look at the multiverse and how each one usually has a version of Batman. These worlds need him and his sacrifice to be a tortured soul is everyone else’s gain.
  4. Should Joker die: He should for his crimes but he is too good of a villain to waste.

From issue 611, I thought this was pretty funny considering the current writer of Batman, Tom King, wrote a critically acclaimed Mister Miracle story.


@MattMcDonald Jim Lee’s art on anything is (to quote Dory) “so pretty”.

@Batmite267 Lois’ desk is just chock full of lil’ easter eggs.

  1. I’m with Supes on this one! No, it was not necessary​:laughing:. Krypto had the situation under control :dog: !
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That’s a cool find! I totally missed it!


DC Daily will be discussion these issues on the show very very soon this week! Feel free to join in the discussion here both before and after the episode airs.

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I want to reread this tonight so I can share a fresh perspective on these issues. Hi JL, it was cool seeing you and Matt from the Book Club on DC Daily.


Hey there! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and I’m really glad you enjoyed the show. :blush:

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@JLWWSM & @MattMcDonald Congrats on being on DC Daily! Most definitely deserved for adding to the content of this community. I’m super jealous and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get an invite (Ha ha ha)!

@Batmite267, never say never! This was our “test” event. It’s fully possible that we may do even more in the future, with a wider net :slight_smile:


@Batmite, thanks so much!

@Applejack I’m so glad to hear that. I’d love to see more members have awesome experiences like the event too!


DCU Family: Be sure to check out DCDaily, S1:E136, 3/27/2019 as they discuss these issues!

How do their answers to the questions compare to yours? What do you think of the discussion? The questions on the show are posted in the original post.

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  1. Bruce’s friendship with Tommy is a reminder of a more innocent time from back when his life was normal. Batman’s friendship with Superman is more significant because Superman understands the dual identity hero life style that he has chosen. Batman knows he can trust Superman to have his back, and likewise he will be there for Superman when he needs help.

  2. Technically it wasn’t necessary since Ivy was cornered and the situation was under control. However for Selina the situation was personal since she felt betrayed and used by Ivy. The punch was her act of revenge against Ivy, and Batman understood this which is why he agrees with Catwoman.

  3. In a way, Batman brings tragedy upon himself. Bruce doesn’t intentionally go around causing bad things to happen, but rather he is a glass half empty kind of guy so he tends to notice the negative aspects of a situation more than the positive. He is driven by tragedy so he tends to zero in and focus on it.

  4. The Joker can never really die as long as Batman is around. They are two sides of the same coin. Take out either man and someone else will come along to fill the void left by the fallen and oppose the survivor.


Hello, thanks for joining :slight_smile: I loved your “Two sides of the same coin” reference.

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I can remember back in the early 00’s I saw the first issue from this arc in the store, it immediately caught my attention. I recognized the artist, and in an instant it made me feel similar to the way I felt a decade earlier picking up X-Men for the first time.This is of course because of Jim Lee.
This to me is about as good as comics could possibly be, not just because of the art, Jeff Loeb has told some outstanding stories and I rate this near the top.

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A real treat revisiting these on the big screen in landscape mode. Bruce goes to Metropolis, he doesn’t like it there “I hate this city.” The end was the best. Poison Ivy controlling Superman, he literally lifted the building of our heroes.

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If I had to pick a single comic book that I thought was the best! This would be that comic book. Batman faces of against the man of steel with a little help from Catwoman. Nuff said, read it!

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