DC Daily Comic Book Club: BATMAN (1940) Issues 608-610 (BATMAN HUSH 1-3)

DC Daily Comic Book Club: BATMAN (1940) Issues 608-610 (BATMAN HUSH 1-3)


I’m very excited to welcome you back to another edition of DC Daily Comic Book Club. The place to read along with the DC Daily Crew and discuss the books with other DC Daily fans!

This week we are kicking off our journey through Batman: Hush with issues 608-610 of Batman (1940). This is the first 3 issues of Batman HUSH Written by Jeph Loeb with art from Jim Lee.

Spoiler discussion begins right now and lasts until Friday, March 22. So what are you waiting for?!

Make sure you swing by after the DC Daily Comic Book Club episode airs so you can discuss the panel’s reaction to the story!

Spoiler discussion of Issues 4-6 kicks off Saturday, March 23 so mark your calendars!

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Can’t wait

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! says “Hush!” in a hushed tone

For #608:

-Seeing Killer Croc in full as he fights Batman. Beauty, thy name is that splash page.

-I love the lead-up reveal of Batman. Catwoman looks beautiful too.


@Vroom one of my favorite moments from 608 is seeing Catwoman in the background in a panel before her reveal. I almost missed seeing her in the background.


@MMD The panel of #608 with Catwoman in the background is the one where Batman is talking to GCPD, right?

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That’s the one!

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Sorry for being MIA everyone. My little boy came late last night after a full day of labor. He’s very cute but also very needy.



Congratulations, @MattMcDonald! :tada:
I’m so happy for you guys!

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Happy Day Matt! May he be blessed and a hero for the ages =)

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Congrats @MattMcDonald!

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This story really lives up to the hype!

This is the first time I’ve read a comic where the art is so stunning that it almost outshines the story. I love this panel of Helena and I love that she was the one who fought off the attackers. Go Helena!

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The flashback art is amazing - I love the style change for the art. This is my first time reading Hush, I feel like the flashbacks are leading up to something big.

Also, the storytelling from Alfred’s perspective is just wonderful. I loved every moment of every panel.


'Nuff said.

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@JL the flashbacks do indeed lead to something. I won’t say what, but you’re on the right path.

I love Huntress’ entrance in Batman #609.

I also like Jim Lee’s design of Huntress, it’s easily my favorite of her uniforms. You know something is good when it eventually makes its way into the DCAU a few times over.

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Today’s the day!

:tv: DC Daily Episode 130 - 3/19

Discusses Hush 1-3

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Hello everyone. I must say this is going to be a really fun book club reading! I love the storyline, I collected it as it ran, and I even have the Absolute edition. I enjoy seeing the foreshadowing as the issues play out. In reading it digitally for the first time, I’m starting to see things I haven’t seen before. For instance in issue 608 it looks like Jim Lee might have “assembled” some Easter eggs.


Also, I couldn’t help to notice in issue 609 that there appears to be a “friendly neighborhood” photographer.


@Batmite267 Hush is riddled with easter eggs aplenty. Keen observances :slight_smile:



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