DC "Crisis" Ranking Chart

After some time, I’ve finally had time to post this. This is a community driven classification of DC events through their entire publication that lists the scale of the event as well as it’s lasting effects on the medium as well. We can discuss on where events can be placed on said chart and come to conclusions as well. This is open for all events, not “crisis” named exclusive.

DC has a very different history than it’s rivals, buying up other properties and building their roster creates an interesting amount of circumstances as well as how they handle their history and events. I hope this list will grow as more and more people put in their thoughts!

I will update the chart as we progress removing and adding things if need be.


I’ll post the first placement. Crisis on Infinite Earths, released in 1985-1986, written by George Perez and penciled by Marv Wolfmen as well as George Perez
The Event was DC’s biggest and the comic book company are still feeling the effects of the events today


I would but Identity Crisis as a local Moderate. Incredibly sad tale but only really affects the superhero community.


@Nathan.Payson is right. Identity Crisis was a crisis to a select few, not the entirety of existence like the other Crises.


We should totally check out the first few crises from back in the sixties too

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I have collected all the “Crisis on Multiple Earths” books. They were annuals I believe, I can crack them open and give them a read. I believe “Flash of Two Worlds” is considered one. Remember, this all events, so we can easily do stuff like DC world collide from the 90s and blackest nights stuff. But I think knocking out the stuff with “Crisis” in the name first would focus our priorities for now


Edit Question Should I:
1: Combine “Very High” “Severe” and “Extreme” Levels into one category?
2: AS we go along, I add a Index below the graph of the events that include release date, issue number, and Number of Tie ins

so 5 categories in total, sounds good!

@Don-El DCU Universe actually, by the looks of it, has ALL the Crisis events here on the app. We can start with this Crisis on Earth 1 https://www.dcuniverse.com/comics/book/justice-league-of-america-1960-21/2afe8da9-5e0d-466d-8081-4325178f8c67

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What about existential?

Existential story lines would grouped into “Personal” category

Updated Chart:
Can we all agree that Identity Crisis is a local Moderate event?

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I’d say Identity Crisis is more personal, since it involved a small group of heroes and villains. An argument can be made for the “Local and moderate” angle though. I’d go for that too.

I see the reason why you would consider it personal. The real conflict and resolution was only between a few people, but it did effect a large majority of the JL as well as the villains. Leading of course Infinite Crisis and it’s countdown series

I think it can be said that Identity Crisis paved a small path to the Sacrifice story in the Superman books of the time (and Wonder Woman) too. Distrust was already pretty rampant before, but given what happened in Sacrifice, it only escalated from there.

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Heres a one I cant put my finger one, Infinite crisis. I say its a Cosmic Extreme level. no so much a multiversal threat

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I concur on Infinite Crisis.

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My reasoning being that the Multiverse wasn’t truly involved. Sure there was a fight on earth 2 with Kal-L, but all the earths seemed to be occupying the same amount of space and wern’t separated by vibrational barriers. And no one aside from the remnants of the original multiverse were involved in the fight, and they were already wrapped into the current continuity of the time. It was a event that would restore multiversal events, but it didn’t(kinda)

Flashpoint is an omniversal high because it changed the entire timeline forever with New 52 simplified to multiverse and more. Yet the event isn’t all that high stakes for anyone but earth

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