DC Connect #17 - What's Coming In December

This Friday, DC CONNECT —DC’s monthly catalog featuring solicitation information for DC’s comics, original graphic novels, collected editions, and more—is here with everything fans can expect this December…and a hint at what’s coming up in 2022!

Featured on the cover is BATMAN #118 , picking up from FEAR STATE with an amazing new four-issue arc from writer Joshua Williamson (INFINITE FRONTIER, THE FLASH) and artist Jorge Molina (X-MEN), which sees the Caped Crusader leave Gotham City on the trail of a new mystery involving Batman, Inc., and a new foe: ABYSS.

There’s tons more inside including Detective Comics #1047, Batgirls #1 and Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1!

To learn more about what to expect in DC Connect #17, head over to DC Comics!

What are you most excited for in December? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:


Batgirls! I have been hoping for this for awhile. So excited :grinning:


Williamson on Batman: After 21 years, the yellow oval is back in the core Batman series! :hugs:

However, the real nut log of cheddary comic goodness for me is…:partying_face: :fireworks: :sparkles: Batgirls :sparkles: :fireworks: :partying_face:.

My favorite Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, once more headlining an ongoing? ****. YEAH. As Lex said in Superman Returns, “Bring it on!”

I can’t wait for Friday to read the whole mag, as it’ll be like Christmas in September! :santa:


A friend of mine once asked me to write up a script for a fan comic about Steph and Cass (that he’d draw), as a kind of our response to the distasteful New52. He got as far as some inking, I think, but stuff came up and it didn’t get finished. And the fact that 9 years later DC is doing the same thing is–not encouraging.
Tynion’s hacky reinventions were awful, doing no good for the characters, and all writers since have done is just tried to polish his–well, the word begins with T, ends in D and rhymes with “bird”. Even if you put a bat-emblem on “Spoiler Alert” and put Oprhan/CassINO in Cassandra’s old clothes, it doesn’t really “fix” anything or make them “the same” as the characters I want to read about, just continues a mistake that should’ve been resolved a long time ago.



So much awesome™:+1: stuff. Nice.


I’m excited for Penguin’s 80th Anniversary on December 3rd! Hope DC will have a special tribute to him like other characters that celebrated their 80th! Hey @DC_Community, hint hint! :wink::penguin: :penguin_smirkhqtas:


If DC makes masks for his 80th anny (as they did for Joker and Catwoman) you can probably count on seeing them in Walmart comic bundles next year. :slight_smile:

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I’d be excited for less emphasis on Batman honestly. I like him, but so many great characters not getting the credit and attention Batman gets…


I can see why Williamson’s Batman is getting the main push, given how important the solo Batman title is in the line.

Batgirls too, give how it’s been a highly-requested title.

Still, we do have these for outside the Batman line as far as today’s sneak preview goes:

@Bar-El @moro :point_up:t2: Also moro, Ivan Reis will be involved with Shadows of The Bat!

Venditti on a new Superman title? YES. Plus, puppy Krypto. :hugs:

I sat out most of The Swamp Thing, so I’ll definitely read this as it comes out:

This looks like a ton of fun, and being that it’s a Mark Russell book, it likely will be.

So, yeah, I agree with you on Batman oversaturation @MovieAddict, but when seeing the non-Batman books in today’s preview (and those to come as of Friday), I think we’ll be in good shape, variety-wise.


One thing on the Bat-books…

I kind of wonder why does DC bother with anything other than the Bat-books. :relaxed:

No, I mean, it’s been the thing that’s sold the best for almost the last 40 years; since THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS – “the Batman comic that changed everything.”

So just do Bat-books for your super-hero output. And for variety: DC had Vertigo, now they have DC Black Label and DC Horror.

So done and done.

Anyway, BATGIRLS looks fun.

The art, from Jorge Corona of WE ARE ROBIN fame, looks really great.

And I had to look up The Linda Lindas and “Claudia Kishi”…

On sale December 14, with gorgeous art and eye-popping colors, BATGIRLS sings with the energy of The Linda Lindas rocking out to “Claudia Kishi,” in this all ages title for every fan who’s ever wanted to break curfew go joy-riding in a villain’s muscle car with their bestie. Which… isn’t that all of us?

…and now that song is stuck in my head. That is so perfect for this. :relaxed:

But yep, we’ll see what else is in store for December.

I AM BATMAN I know for sure for me, and we’ll see what else…

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Love me some Kelex! :0_kelex:

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DCUI’s Kelex could stand an upgrade to that form, couldn’t he? Yes…:thinking:

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Yea and I might steal this as my new iPad background which I lovingly named Kelex

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Kelex would be okay with that, I feel.

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Nice to see Ivan on a Batman book. I was hell bent on following him anywhere. Looks like I won’t have to change any of my ongoing subscriptions!

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That’s neat, easy-peasy!

IDK if I’ll read SOTB as it comes out. Because, between…

  • Batgirls
  • Batman (when #118 comes out)
  • Batman '89
  • Nightwing

…that’ll be enough of a Batfamily in singles fix for me, for a while.

It sounds like an interesting story though, and with Reis involved in the art to some degree, it will, at bottom line, look great.

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The description reads like it’s gonna run in Detective Comics, but the “12 week event” makes it sound like a crossover.

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With all the comic delays due to COVID/supply issues, the Holiday season and that the first week of December was solicited last month, I’m thinking this might be smaller than usual.

Put me down for World of Krypton and One Star Squadron. Hopefully there will be a new ongoing series I can add to my pitiful November total of six.

So it’s up: DC Connect #17.

It’s looking like just I AM BATMAN and PENNYWORTH for me…


Oh, and maybe BATMAN: THE IMPOSTER. Or I may just wait for that to come to DC Universe Infinite

So I am looking forward to the new Batgirls ongoing since steph is one of the main girls :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

but can some please tell me when babs became Oracle again? unless I am mistake she was still batgirl in all of rebirth? right?

Always nice to see more Swampy series. :grin:

I thought about pick up Justice League incarnate but decided to pass due to my budget and then just read it on here, but man the cover for issue 2, that needs to go up on the wall in my room. Super-Etrigon & president Superman, that is just AWESOME!!!

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