DC Community Exclusive Sneak Peek: Flashpoint Beyond #3

The DC event of 2022 continues in Flashpoint Beyond #3! Thomas Wayne continues to investigate The Clockwork Killer until his plans are derailed with the arrival of someone known as Project: Superman. Can Thomas do what’s necessary in order to stop this new arrival? Find out on July 5th, 2022!

In the meantime, take a look at a few of the pages to get a glimpse of what’s to come!

What do you think of the series so far? Let me know in the comments! :point_down:


Diggin’ it!

I haven’t read #2 yet (its in The Stack, though :wink:) but #s 0 and 1 were both very good.

Its nice to see this Flashpoint tale be more of a smaller affair, given how Flashpoint was a huge event 11 years ago. That provides nice variety and juxtaposition within the overall Flashpoint “mold”.


Guess The Flash never learn his lesson the first time around, when it comes to Flashpoint!:man_facepalming:



Tut, tut, my Red counterpart. Flashpoint Beyond is more of a Thomas Wayne Batman tale than one involving Barry.

I mean, Barry’s there but-

stops and thinks for a moment

Well, I won’t spoil anything. Its best to read the series and see what’s up in the grand Flashpoint tradition for yourself. :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve enjoyed in Flashpoint Beyond is Aquaman and Wonder Woman and how they’re still at war with one another.

God, grudge match much, Art? Di? :grin:

SN: Diana’s Flashpoint armor is still as badass as ever. I absolutely love her Flashpoint design.