DC ComiXology Sales

Is it just me or does it seem like the sales on ComiXology haven’t been as good since the DC app launched?

I’ve noticed that more comics are on sale than trades lately and the trades that are on sale are repeats from previous weeks.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Not really, there’s a big one every single week. The Halloween sale starts on Monday. Grab some $5 trades.


I think it’s been the same. Seems that comixology is mostly a Marvel app (compared to DC). But every week, there’s at least one good DC sale.

I haven’t noticed. Their sales seem to be mostly thematic, and since I’m trying to get through the entire New 52 run, occasionally they have a sale that has none of the books I need, but that’s nothing new since I started buying from them late last year.

I actually think they have been a lot better recently.

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