[DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club] DC Art You Are Thankful For! Nov 14-27

Fellow Distinguished DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs, in these last 2 days of the festivities for posting DC Art You Are Thankful For, we now focus our communal attentions on one last era from a mere 13 years ago, the wild weekly series that went on for one full year non-stop, “52” (circa 2006 - 2007) !!!

" When Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman step aside for a year, the DC Universe’s second stringers take center stage in this weekly series. 52 is a weekly American comic book limited series published by DC Comics that debuted on May 10, 2006, one week after the conclusion of the Infinite Crisis miniseries. 52 consists of 52 issues, published weekly for one year, each issue detailing an actual week chronicling the events that took place during the missing year after the end of Infinite Crisis ."

So roll up your sleeves, young and old DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs, pick up your digital search forks and dive in deeply as you simply select the very first comic series listed in the DCU Digital Library.

Have a favorite artist or favorite art in a storyline from “52” that you are thankful for? Post it here for us to all enjoy and reflect on. Covers are fun, but even great individual close up panels can be revelatory!

Let the celebration of color and pen conclude with the fireworks of 52 during our DC Art Thanksgiving!!!


Alright, I like this mainly as a story beat, but the art’s good too:


Ah, from the recent DCU Book Club selection, nice choice!!!

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I loved the art in the Fall and Rise of Captain Atom too. :blue_heart:

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My pick is also from a DCUBC book we read this year.

Artist: Stjepan Sejic

Book: Aquaman 2016, The Underworld arc which starts at issue 25. I was blown away by the art on every page of that series. Here’s a couple screenshots


The lettering in Sam Humphries’s Harley Quinn (2016) was unique and completely fit the tone of each moment. I enjoyed the lettering throughout the story, as it was its own voice.

Artist: Allison Borges
Harley Quinn 2016 Issue 47

Harley Quinn 2016 Issue 48


First I wanted an entry to represent Doomsday Clock and it’s incredible, emotionally packed art. Issue #6 focuses on Mime and Marionette’s back story which adds depth to these two psychos. Speaking of which, here they are with the Joker.

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I felt the Supergirl title had been wandering somewhat aimlessly for a while, then Andreyko and Maguire showed up and gave her a purpose, an axe, and a super powered dog companion. Issue #21 shows her new, temporary costume and sends her off to find the truth behind Krypton’s destruction.


I love that Aquaman cover too! The lettering on Harley Quinn does indeed go beyond mere lettering and become more art the way they did it. I still can’t believe I was unaware of Lord Death Man. Turns out he’s been around since I like the late 50s early 60s or some such.

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Yep that was definitely a turning point for the Supergirl series recently. Thanks for sharing that one.

There is a similar issue from The New 52 era that is really striking for Supergirl, but we can get into that in the coming days.

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Today we start sharing from the Convergence event, circa 2015!

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By pure chance I had downloaded this to read at lunch today and it’s a great cover too

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Nice co ink ee dink, man! Amanda Conner I assume, and look at that great black and grey themed WW outfit!

Lovin the stars and kinda rainbow theme in the background too.

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Well, since artist Tony Daniel is featured, and is going to be back on Batman in January, here’s some of his previous work on Batman (v1) than I’m especially thankful for:

The beginning of Judd Winick and Ed Benes’ small, yet underrated run on Batman with Dick Grayson under the cowl.

The first issue of Tony Daniel’s Batman run as writer and artist

Ed looks slick.

Part 1 of Eye of the Beholder, one of my favorite arcs from Daniel’s run.

More from Eye of the Beholder. This baby just POPS with energy and color!

Moving into The New 52…

The starring villain of Wonder Woman 1984 via Daniel’s magic pencils!

Superman’s been scratched by one bad kitty.

It’s Harley Quinn! I hear she has a TV series coming up on a BADASS entertainment platform.

Skartaris and The Warlord forever!

Mr. Daniel paying anniversary dues to Superman:


Wonder Woman (courtesy of eBay):

and The Flash:

To paraphrase Star Trek II’s Carol Marcus: “Can Tony Daniel cook or can he COOK?”

I’ve always thought of Tony Daniel as being the "go to"guy for all things Batman, but these Convergence covers featuring Warlord and the League are outrageously powerful!

I’m pretty sure he’s tried his hand at writing as well.

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Indeed he has. As I noted above, Batman #692 was his first issue as writer and artist of the series. He would then largely finish out the series on his own (Grant Morrison and Fabian Nicieza popped in here and there for writing, while Cliff Richards, Guillem March and Steve Scott popped in for art on occassion) prior to The New 52, while Scott Snyder did the same with Detective Comics.

Once The New 52 debuted, their writing gigs were reversed, with Daniel now writing and illustrating 'Tec, while Snyder worked his magic on Batman. Here’s a sample of Daniel’s N52 'Tec run. which, in addition to writing and drawing, he also did covers for:

His first issue:

A vivid cover that pops nicely:

TD’s last writing gig with 'Tec:

Daniel’s last ish o’ 'Tec as penciller:

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Here’s one more piece of artwork from Convergence that I’m thankful for!

Tomorrow we’re going to switch our thankful gears to a slightly earlier era, stay tuned.

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Aww, cute li’l teddy bear in the bottom left background.

I enjoyed Convergence well enough, but I think its the type of the event where the tie-ins are better than what they’re tying into.

ALERT ALERT! Our final era to be thankful for has arrived, see above!