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I’ve been a fan of DC Story-telling since I was born in Batman 89, what’s been happening to the live-actions cinematics adaptation, I really think is catastrophic. I suggest that making Flash-point paradox live-action is the best option to re-write the DCEU and make the new DCEU more compelling for audiences.


What is catastrophic about it? Only one film in the series has been a dud both critically and financially: Justice League. And the nice thing about that movie is that it leaves things in a state where future films really don’t have to reference anything that happened before it or in it (other than the mere notion that there’s a group of heroes called the Justice League, but that’s a given).


Man of Steel is STUFF, Justice League is STUFF and Suicide Squad is another piece of STUFF, just re-do the DCEU and make Flash-Point Paradox and make the first DCEU the Crime Syndicate

There’s always one, am I right? :man_shrugging:t2:

Man of Steel is NOT hopefull, the death of Superman was lazy-writed, Martha United Batman and Superman, their fight was forced as the plot demanded, the Flash ran awkward as fuck, just make them the Crime Syndicate and re-do the DCEU with Flash Point paradox and a better team of writers like SCOTT SNYDER


Scott Snyder?! So you don’t want a DC version of Avengers: Endgame. You want Batman: Endgame, where we discover that the Joker was Pennywise the Dancing Clown all along, and Batman abruptly dies just to be resurrected by an underground pool of magical metal that gives him temporary amnesia (while Commissioner Gordon plays RoboCop) before leading him to become obsessed with opening the dimensional doorway to the cover of a heavy metal album.

Yeah, I’ll just take Zack Snyder, but you do you. :wink:

Edit: And I really do mean that people are free to like one Snyder’s stuff, just as I am free to like another Snyder’s stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys, we are all entitled to our opinion and not everyone will agree with one another. We are more than just a community, we are a DC Family and I ask that we all remember to be respectful per our Community Guidelines.


YES!, SCOTT SNYDER :raised_hands: as a writer, and a group of EXPERTS that know what a good Story-telling is, Zack Snyder made Superman kill Zod and in the next scene he was confident about taking out any satellite watching him​:weary: NOT making Superman frustrated and learning his development for killing someone for the 1st time ( oh and the army girl says he’s hot)

Strictly speaking, screenwriter David S. Goyer did those things. And Goyer is a comic book writer:

While I don’t care much for some of Goyer’s choices in the script for Man of Steel, I certainly recognized them as ideas directly lifted from popular Superman comics. There’s some Secret Origin in there, some Birthright, some Earth One, and a whole lot of John Byrne–especially those things that you said were out-of-character for Superman. (Granted, I have mixed feelings about his run, so I naturally have mixed feelings about the movie that most directly echoes it.)

The problem with the dceu is that it was trying to keep up with marvel and that was the problem. DC has so many characters and stories that it can do that its doesn’t need to keep up with marvel. Another problem is the story telling of these films and not the dark tone of it there’s nothing wrong with the tone DC has always been known for there dark story telling


Justice League is the only DCEU movie that wasn’t great. I enjoyed it but it could has been a better one. Maybe with a Flashpoint Paradox movie WB can fix the mistakes they did with JL.

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Hey everyone!

First, thanks for the suggestion, @R3d_ho0d!

Secondly, since this has become an awesome discussion on the DCEU, I’ve moved the thread over to the Big Screen section under Everything DC so more people can see it!

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Justice League could had much more potential with the characters portrays and story-telling. And I liked Superman at the end of Justice League, BUT why he changed all the sudden?? Superman helped people while the Justice League were fighting Steppenwolf, THATS Superman help first and fight later.

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I honestly think DC can do a better Cinematic Universe than Marvel. DC has more psicological challenge Story-telling than Marvel, action and cool angles doesn’t make a good movie, we the audience want to learn what can we do In a situation like The Flash or Wonder Woman.

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Haha you’re assessment of Scott Snyder’s work was great! Thank you.

While I have my complaints about parts of the DCEU, I think it’ll turn out ok. I think more of the DC fans who complain about Zack Snyder would feel differently if we were able to get his whole vision. I used to complain about him all the time before I learned that -with some exceptions, the issues I had with his movies weren’t from him but Whedon (Justice League) or the studio.

That’s another thing THE STUDIO, just let the writers and directors work without telling them what to do, they are the FILM-MAKERS let them work.

I think it comes down to two things. First, he had a Justice League on his side to handle some of the problem while he was helping the people. In Man of Steel, he was often facing more than one enemy at once. (Of course, you could argue that the screenwriter simply could have avoided creating such a high-stakes scenario for Superman’s debut, but that’s a metatextual complaint that doesn’t really apply to his actions or motives.)

Second, his outlook changed at the end of Batman v Superman. He was emotionally immature in the finale of MoS, which was his very first outing as a superhero. He had gained some perspective by the beginning of BvS, but he was still too frustrated with everyone’s distrust of him to make the kind of decisions that would actually engender trust. His self-sacrifice at the end of the film showed that he had finally started to get it.

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I agree with @TheWaveBlurr, DC started the DCEU by trying to make DC movies like Marvel. DC has plenty of characters and, more importantly, stories from which to draw ideas from. They said “hey we need a Batman vs Superman story with Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday on a low budget by tomorrow” and thought it was a good idea. If they had decided to just take a great story and add whatever characters fit it would work better for them.


Batman v Superman’s budget was equivalent to that of Captain America: Civil War. That said, I do think that Doomsday (and Superman’s death) should have been saved for the sequel, and Diana Prince shouldn’t have donned the costume until her subsequent solo film.


And low and behold, a Joker feature with the budget of a mid-tier drama and meant to be a one-off ends up being the blockbuster.

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