DC Cinematic Universe.

Warner Bros. should consider their DC writers like Scott Snyder and Hillary Badder to write a movie along with Geoff Johnns in a DC Cinematic Universe.

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Warner Bros doesn’t often make the right decisions when it comes to the DC franchises. It’s been this way for over 40yrs. Sure there have been huge successes, but Warners always found a way to screw those up.

Anyway my point is you have a great idea here… So dont hold your breath.

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When this app started I wrote an idea for Blue Beetle animated series and a Superman Videogame, never heard from that idea I suggested.

Hilary Bader passed away in 2002, but a DC movie written by her would’ve been great as her writing for DC and other properties was top tier stuff.


@Vroom How did I miss that? I had to have known and just forgotten. Anyway wow my heart hurts.

RIP Hilary You are missed!

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DC has great writers, Warner Bros. needs a group for these movies. Warner Bros. stop interfering on the story telling, just fund the movies to DC creative and writers.

The project didn’t have an actual name, that’s issue #1. DCEU was invented by the writer from EW and Warner Bros never came up with am official name to counter it. Even the Blu-ray pack with the first 5 films just had the DC bullet on the box with no other unifying title. So whether it’s DC Cinematic Universe or something else, they need to come up with a name for the whole thing both to bring it together and to make it easier to differentiate Black Label films like Joker.