DC Book Club Connected Content - Week 1 part 1 New Teen Titans #1-6

Hey Everyone!! Here’s the post to discuss what you thought of Titans #1-6

My thoughts: #1 Raven pulls everyone together in a very weird way. Fortunately, this is answered later but a fairly weird story. I do think the early Beast Boy and the ladies jokes are surprisingly funny despite all the weirdness. 7/10

#2 A somewhat minor character in #1 becomes a major character in a surprisingly emotional way. One of the greatest stories with Deathstroke I’ve read in a while. Watching the team building is really fun! 9/10

#3 What the actually f*** Raven explains the #1 thing but none of the stories really works. I get it but I don’t 6/10

#4 Raven gets a well deserved come to Jesus moment and realizes she needs to be more forthcoming. Finally addressing an issue in #1-3 I strongly liked it but the JSA stuff was confusing. 8/10

#5 Everything comes to a peak as Trigon arrives. Insert confusing plot… Insert cliffhanger… But Raven has become a more relatable character and in doing so this series is working out the kinks 8/10

#6 As everything resolves, the focus is on the action and fleshing out the supporting characters works okay. Arella isn’t bad just not the greatest. 8/10

The arc, despite the initial setbacks The New Teen Titans figure it out. With highlights being #2, #4, and #5, this series is surprisingly emotional yet revealing as a character. I wish I could say more but I don’t want to spoil too much.

TNTT #1-6

Now sadly Titans #13-20 disappear on Monday. (please go to the watchtower threads and complain) But unless they retract their statement. I guess we will read #7-20 by Monday. Yeah…

FYI I planned to take a break to do an arc of Hawk and Dove but… Oh well… (Insert some more…)

Some questions to think about

Talk a lot about #1 (the main source for Titans ep. 1)
What do think about the tower?
Is Slade Wilson not the greatest?
Wonder Girl disappears in most comics these days. Do you like her as a character?
Does Raven follow predestination too much?
Is Trigon a good villain?
Do you disagree with my review scores?
Are you angry about #7-20 (I am)?
What did you think of Psimon?
Any other thoughts?

Thank you!!

Titans ep 1 is out so I’m going to share my thoughts tomorrow

I read this a while back, and two things that stuck out to me was how mysterious these characters were at the start, and specifically Cyborg’s characterization. I think because of ones assumptions about how comics were written at the time, I suppose I had figured that the whole team would know each other by the end of the first issue. But it was surprisingly modern in how it builds up alk the characters. I was also surprised at Vic being written as more of a tough bruiser, a Titanium Thing, but I enjoyed seeing him slowly take his barriers down and become closer to the character we know today.

As an older fan, I read these when they first came out. I have to share that I did not like this team at the time. I was a fan of the original Titans and was happy to see that they were coming back. However, since I only got 2 of them back, Donna and Dick, I was not that happy and the team just seemed weird! Needless to say the characters grew on me over time. For some reason, back then I really hated Raven. I think maybe it was the demon thing. Who knows. Reading these again was interesting.
I like how Deathstroke started out. Grant just comes off like an idiot.

I can kind of see not liking Raven at the time – she starts off very cold and emotionless, very tight lipped about things to the point of others suspecting her, and what she does to Wally was pretty messed up.

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I’m really enjoying these first issues of the new Teen Titans from 1980 again the artwork and ncredible on my Roku panel-by-panel . Wild and very deep stuff, unlike that 1995 Nightwing that we read , there’s some deep characterization to the villains, at least with Deathstroke. Admittedly Ravager comes off a little thin.

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I have really enjoyed re-reading these. They hold up well despite a few implausibilities ( like how did Cyborg’s dad design and build TitansTower so quickly and stealthily). What hooks me in is the character dynamics.


I enjoyed reading these as a child!!At 8 years old when it came out, my mom bought these for me due to my loving of Starfire and Changeling.I loved the team dynamic and by 1982 I noticed their similarity to Uncanny X-Men,my first Marvel title!!I didn’t like Raven from the beginning and cried for Kid Flash when he realized how much Raven manipulated him.I thought Donna was a ray of sunshine in the title and chuckled over Gar always flirting with her and Kory.LOVED this run!!!


That’s an awesome story!! What surprises me so much about the community is the range of ages. People with first time reading and people reading the series for the second time twenty years ago! It’s always great to hear these types of stories!


I apologize if my memory isn’t great, I have read issue 1 up to 18 this weekend since they are pulling the middle issues.

One thing that seemed to bother me a lot in the early issues was that Kid Flash was sticking up for Raven without an explanation. When they did explain this it seemed too late for me.

I did think the overall story arc and the big bad was good enough for me to want to keep reading in a weekend long binge session.

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Issue #18 with the russian Starfire was so awesome.

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