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I’m listening to the audio book edition of Wonder Woman: Warbringer, a title in the DC Icons series of prose novels, and it is very entertaining.

I know there are audiobook adaptations for Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis and other tales (including the previous iteration of DC Superhero Girls) as well as the other entries in the DC Icons line but can anyone else cite other DC themed audiobooks?

Are there any DC themed audiobooks you’re a fan of?


I’m a big audio book listener, but haven’t listened to any DC ones.

I just added the DC Icons books to my wishlist, so I’ll get to them someday.

I’ve tried looking for the Man of Steel and Suicide Squad novelizations as audio books, but unfortunately they don’t appear to be available in audio book form.

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XNam360 If you like Wonder Woman, you’re going to love Warbringer. It’s really good!

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There is a full cast enactment of the 52 story in two parts.

There is an impressive Bruce Wayne story prior to becoming Batman. I have forgotten the author and title, but he is doing community service in Arkham after being arrested for reckless driving.

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You know, a 52 audiobook sounds vaguely familiar. I seem to recall seeing that in Diamond Previews years ago.

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The Kingdom Come audio book was fantastic! I remember buying it in 2000 at my local comic shop. I got it after taking my SAT’s. I grabbed my hardcover copy and read along as I listened. Yea, there were some minor differences but overall it followed the story beat for beat. The voice cast did an excellent job, the sound effects were stunning and the music…oh the music! When Superman returns, the way it builds, it still takes my breath away.

I highly recommend it!

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@superby1 Is that available digitally? It sounds fantastic.

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@vroom, I know I recently saw the complete version up on YouTube. I had the Audio cassette version lol

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There is also a cast recording of Crisis On Infinite Earths.

If you want to really dig deep, there was a Plastic Man adventure that came with a read-a-long book when I was a kid back in the 70’s. It was on a 45 rpm record…

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A company called Graphic Audio produced the following DC full cast audio dramas. Here is what I remember:
Infinite Crisis ( 2 parts)
52 (2 parts)
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Final Crisis
Batman Dead White
Batman Inferno
Batman No Man’s Land (2 parts)
Batman the Stone King
JLA Exterminators
The Flash Stop Motion
Green Lantern Sleepers (three parts, one for each book)
Green Lantern Hero’s Quest
DC Universe Last Sons
Superman the Never Ending Battle
DC Universe Trail of Time
Wonder Woman Mythos

The company’s site is…

If I remember correctly, these were all adaptations of the novelizations of DC Comic stories and original novels.

There is also the Kingdom Come mentioned above but that was produced before any of the ones mentioned above and by a different company.

My favorites are:
Kingdom Come
Infinite Crisis


I do not think a lot of these are available on their site to purchase as CDs and MP3s as they once were but maybe there is a stream of them or via come other service now. I am sure you may find some on Amazon or ebay.

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@jackknight_73 Thanks so much for that info! That’s of great assistance/help/use.


The problem is now a days… The graphic audio website doesn’t even recognize they did these stories. I have tried multiple times to search thier website. ( Not to mention the stories they do have are literally still in the CD format…like bro…it’s 2022…time to at least use a now format for goodness sake.)

Now you tube does have some graphic audio DC stories, but half the time they were probably uploaded by someone who had the CD and sometimes are lacking parts.

YouTube also has audio dramas from other production companies or people(fans) aside from graphic audio.

Five DC Icons books are on Audible. All of these DC audio things need to be on Audible or Spotify.

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