DC Animated Club: Wonder Woman In Animation

This Month Wonder Woman turns 80 years old! We’ll be looking at her throught the years in animation starting with (if you can believe it) her very first appearance in The Brady kids all the way til now.

First Animated Appearance
Here are the first three video from The Brady Kids episodes where Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in animation. Clip one,

Clip Two,

Clip Three,

Not long after this, The Superfriends would be made, ln a few days I’ll be adding stuff on Wonder Woman appearance in Superfriends! :wonderwoman:


  1. Which Wonder Woman animation is your favorite?
  2. What’s your favorite Wonder Woman episode in any of the Animated series?
  3. Do you hope Wonder Woman will get her own Animated Series?

If you’re interested in Wonder Woman outside of animation, please join World Of Wonder book club by @nu52, here’s the link,
World Of Wonder
It’s a great club! :wonderwoman:
More stuff on Wonder Woman is on a way soon.


New quiz is up @DCAnimatedClub

  1. In DC Super Hero girls episode “Sweet Justice Pt. 1” who does Wonder Woman fight while stuck in detention
  2. In the Justice league Action episode “phased and confused” who puts on Wonder Woman’s costume and impersonates her.
  3. in Batman the Brave and the bold “Triumverate of Terror!” the Legion of Doom switch the heroes they fight, who fights Wonder Woman.
  4. Who did Wonder Woman almost marry in "JL Gods and Monsters
  5. Which Titan has a crush on Wonder Woman in Teen Titans Go “Next Top Talent Idol Star”
  6. Who replaces Wonder Woman’s place in the justice League in Batman Beyond