[DC Animated Club] Present: Wonder Woman Adventures

DC Comic Present: Wonder Woman Adventures #1

Happy New Year everybody! This month DC Animated Club is proudly to present Wonder Woman Adventures.
Wonder Woman Adventures is based on 4 different comics of The Adventures Of DC Universe, a comic series that is sadly not on DC Universe Infinite.
What’s great about it, is you can see what the comic series is like in Wonder Woman point of view, the comic was based on a continuation of Batman & Robin Adventures and Superman Adventures.
While the series is not cannon, the comic is still fun to read with 19 issues.
So sit back and relax it’s a great read for all ages. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll also be setting up a Wonder Woman watch Along soon, it’ll be starting this Saturday Morning cartoon Watch Along! :smiley:


  1. Have you ever read this or The Adventures In DC Universe before?
  2. Which story of Wonder Woman is your favorite?
  3. Since this is about Wonder Woman, which Animated Series of her do you like the best?


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Excellent choice to kick the new year off with, Prez!

I have read DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures. I bought it the day it debuted at retail, and enjoyed it quite thoroughly.

It remains my only read of Adventures in the DC Universe so far, but I’m hoping that will change, as I’m looking to pick-up the full series sometime this year.

From this comic? Hmm. :thinking: I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

My favorite WW story of all-time is easily The Odyssey.

Definitely her DCAU iteration. Rosario Dawson’s performances of Diana are also quite spiffy.

However…the Diana that was seen in the Ruby-Spears Superman TV series was pretty rad, too.

She was only in one episode, but it’s one of the best of the series and showcased Diana in a wonderful (pun intended) way, while also establishing that there was a shared universe within the world that Ruby-Spears created.

  1. I’ve read some of the Batman Adventure comics. Those are some of my favorites.
  2. I would have to say JLTAS. The only other one I know she was in is JLU.

Speaking of Wonder Woman in animation, this lovely little lady based on the DCAU Diana will be celebrating her 20th anniversary in just a few months time:


I wasn’t 100% of the issue, but I knew I read the Green Lantern/Green Arrow issue (which I discovered was #16). When the series was coming out I just getting back into comics and had a tiny pull list and only my part time job to pay for my burgeoning comic habit.


I liked the Cheetah story from #3 best. I feel like the #1 issue was a whole JLA story, the #11 was more of a Green Lantern one, and the #19 one was at least half Catwoman. Not to say I didn’t like them, but felt like it was the only one where Diana got to solo shine.

Like most of the other DCAU incarnations of the DC Heroes, the voice of Diana I hear in my head when reading any Wonder Woman comic is Susan Eisenberg.