[DC Animated Club] Member's choice: Batman Beyond

Hello everybody, this month as to celebrating 100 members, I let the members pick on what show should be talked about in a month of June, and they choose Batman Beyond. We’ll be looking at Batman Beyond, behind the scenes, episodes and even comics. This series was such a hit as part of a spinoff from Batman the animated series and The new Batman Adventures.
The series take place in the future, Bruce Wayne is now a old man, and a young teenager name Terry McGinnis is the new Batman.
Here’s a video where the producers talk about how the show got started.

And to start things off, here’s the intro music to Batman Beyond.:slightly_smiling_face:

Stay tune to for more Batman Beyond stuff.:grinning:

Ah this was the last DC show I just finished rewatching :pray: so good :ok_hand:

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Here’s a list of important Characters for Batman Beyond. If I’m missing any characters, feel free to edit this post by adding a picture with a name of a character and write a bit about them.:slightly_smiling_face:

Terry McGinnis
Terry is the new Batman, he became Batman after the death of his father Warren McGinnis. With Bruce Wayne guiding him, he becomes a new hero.

As Batman Terry is wearing a upgrade suit. It can fly, turn Invisible, listening devices on his fingers, and a vid link for Bruce to see and hear to help the new hero.
Bruce Wayne
Former Batman retired from crime fighting after suffering a heart attack. For 20 years he lived alone, til Terry came to his life and become Batman. Now that Terry is Batman, Bruce would try to help him as much as he can.
Ace is Bruce Wayne’s loyal dog, at first he doesn’t like Terry, but later respect him. Sometimes he would help Batman out.
Dana Tan
Dana is Terry’s Girlfriend, as much as she loves Terry, she sometimes get tired of Terry working for ‘Mr. Wayne.’
Barbara Gordon
Like her late father James Gordon, Barbara Gordon is now the Commissioner of Gotham, the former Batgirl was not please to see the new Batman.
Max Gibson
Max is Terry’s sidekick and friend who help him out, she first appear in the second season. One think about Max, she has such a funny sense of humor.
Mary McGinnis
After losing his father, Terry moved to live with his mother and little brother Matt. She let Terry work for Bruce Wayne as long as he’s back home on time and does his homework.
Matt McGinnis
He’s Terry’s little Brother that annoys his big brother, Matt is a great kid who think Batman is a coolest hero!
Chelsea Cunningham
Chelsea is a friend of Terry and Dana at Hamilton Hill High School.NelsonNash
Nash Nelson
Nash Nelson is a popular young man at Hamilton Hill High, at times, he can be not so nice to Terry.
A popular girl at Hamilton Hill high school who likes to hang out with her friends.
Howard Groote
Howard is a young kid who would very much like to be popular.

Derek Powers
Derek Powers took over the Wayne Enterprise and turn it into Wayne-Powers Enterprise. As a corrupt leader he’s been making a powerful weapon and sell it to other country, when facing Batman, he gets a taste of his own weapon!
Thanks to Batman, Derek Powers becomes a new powerful villain known as Blight who is a walking meltdown.

The Jokerz
The Jokerz is Gotham newest gang members, terrorizing the city, the group are based on the original Batman arch nemesis The Joker!
Ingue is a very tricky shapeshifter who can look like any object, she came close to knowing who Batman is!

He is one tough villain for Batman who uses Soundwave to commit crimes, fighting Batman would come with a price for this villain!
A school counselor turned to villain as Spelbinder uses school students to commit a crime by making them see things that are not there!
Curate is a ninja villain who doesn’t talk, her orgin story is unknown, but she does make a deadly villain for Batman.
the Royal Flush Gang
The Royal Flush Gang are a group of playing cards with King’s as a leader. According to Bruce Wayne, he has encounter the original members of the gangs One.of the member name Melanie would be hanging out with Terry.
Willie Watt
Willie who was pick on by his father and Nash Nelson at School, Watt became a villain by controlling a giant robot call Golem.
He is a dangerous hunter who hunt down his prey, including Batman!
Mad Stan
Mad Stan is a crazy guy who loves to blow up stuff!
Ian Peek


Here’s a list of 52 episodes in 3 season of Batman Beyond. And Crossover to over shows he’s in. :slightly_smiling_face:
Season 1

  1. Rebirth Part 1
  2. Rebirth Part 2
  3. Blackout
  4. Golem
  5. Meltdown
  6. Heroes
  7. Shriek
  8. Dead Man’s Hand
  9. The Winning Edge
  10. Spellbound
  11. Disappearing Inque
  12. A Touch Of Curarè
  13. Ascension

Season 2
14. Splicers
15. Earth Mover
16. Joyride
17. Lost Soul
18. Hidden Agenda
19. Bloodsport
20. Once Burned
21. Hooked Up
22. Rats
23. Mind Games
24. Revenant
25. Babel
26. Terry’s Friend Dates a Robot
27. Eyewitness
28. Final Cut
29. The Last Resort
30. Armory
31. Sneak Peek
32. The Eggbaby
33. Zeta
34. Plague
35. April Moon
36. Sentries of the Last Cosmos
37. Payback
38. Where’s Terry?
39. Ace in the Hole

Season 3
40. King’s Ransom
41. Untouchable
42. Inqueling
43. Big Time
44. Out of the Past
45. Speak No Evil
46. The Call: Part 1
47. The Call: Part 2
48. Betrayal
49. Curse of the Kobra: Part 1
50. Curse of the Kobra: Part 2
51. Countdown
52. Unmasked

Return Of The Joker

The Zeta’s Project, ‘Shadows’
Static Shock, ‘Future Shock’
Justice League Unlimited, ‘The Once And Future Things Part 1: Weird Western Tales’
‘The Once And Future Things Part 2: Time Warped’


The soundtrack for Batman Beyond is EPIC, especially season 1.

When you’re listening to it, do as Bruce Timm advised on the CD liner notes: “Play it LOUD!”


I’ll have to add the music soundtrack on here, I did have the music CD of the series, that was fun to listen to. Not sure I played it loud like I should have.:grinning:

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I blew out a pair of (admittedly cheap) headphones in listening to the soundtrack when it came out in 1999.

Mind you, I wasn’t wearing them. I just had them nearby on my desk, connected to a portable CD player as I was doing my homework. I did as Mr. Timm instructed and played that thing loud.

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Here’s the very first Batman Beyond comic book series that was at first a miniseries. The DC Library does has it and here’s the very first 6 issue of the series. However the first 2 issue are the only two comic that’s based on the 2 part episodes, 'Rebirth.':grinning:

Batman Beyond #1 of 6

Batman Beyond #2 of 6

Batman Beyond #3 of 6

Batman Beyond #4 of 6
Batman Beyond #5 of 6
Batman Beyond #6 of 6

Here’s the Batman Beyond series that took place after the miniseries. There are 24 issues and DC Library has them all!:grinning:

Batman Beyond Comic Book Series

Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond #2

Batman Beyond #3

Batman Beyond #4

Batman Beyond #5
Batman Beyond #6

Batman Beyond #7
Batman Beyond #8
Batman Beyond #9
Batman Beyond #10
Batman Beyond #11
Batman Beyond #12
Batman Beyond #13

Batman Beyond #14
Batman Beyond #15

Batman Beyond #16
Batman Beyond #17

Batman Beyond #18
Batman Beyond #19
Batman Beyond #20
Batman Beyond #21
Batman Beyond #22
Batman Beyond #23
Batman Beyond #24

Movie Based Comic Book

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

Crossover Comic book

Superman Adventures #64


I dig the heck out of that mini just as much now, as I did when it came out. It might just be my favorite BB comic.

The follow-up ongoing series is a lot of fun too.


Earlier in the post, @Vroom and I were talking about Batman Beyond soundtrack, here’s a playlist music from YouTube of the Batman Beyond soundtrack. Enjoy!:grinning:


Here’s some questions about Batman Beyond.:slightly_smiling_face:


  1. What’s your top 5 favorite episodes of Batman Beyond?
  2. Which of the comic book story you like the best?
  3. Who’s your favorite character?
  4. In Justice League unlimited, Do you think Bruce should be Terry’s real father?
  5. Do you hope they bring Batman Beyond back with a new live action or animated series?
  1. Unmasked, Out of the Past (commentary for this one is great btw), Inqueling, The Call (1 & 2), Egg Baby (because mandatory)
  2. 10,000 Clowns
  3. ACE :slight_smile:
  4. No. it felt forced. As a side note though, the Static Shock crossover stuff was great.
  5. Yes yes and more yes.
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Here’s my answer to my questions.:slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Terry’s friend date A Robot.
    Blast from the Past
    Sneak Peek
  2. I really enjoy Batman Beyond issue #13 Where Scarecrow’s fear stuff still effect Barbara Gordon!
  3. I gotta go with Terry, he change his life around to be a hero.
  4. I didn’t like the idea.
  5. I hope so, it would be great to see, I’m glad that there’s still a comic book series still running, it’s worth reading.

● My favorite episodes as of late:

-Black Out
-Dead Man’s Hand
-Sentries of the Last Cosmos (an all-time favorite for sure)
-The Call

● Fav BB title…the 1999 mini-series. Every Beyond title that came after (be it the assorted volumes of Batman Beyond, or Superman Beyond and Justice League Beyond as well) is worth a read, but there’s just something about that '99 mini that clicked very well with me.

● Tough call on favorite character. Bruce is an obvious pick, but upon further reflection, I’ll go with…Terry McGinnis. Besides being a character that obviously debuted on the show, he also elevated the idea of Batman to a new level, and emphasized the idea that Gotham will always have a Batman watching over it, regardless of who’s under the cowl.

● I’m 50/50 on Bruce being Terry’s true father. The idea has merit, and its not surprising that Bruce would do it. At the same time, it also feels like a bit of a convenient plot twist to tie-up what someone saw as a loose thread that was meant to be resolved (but was ultimately unintentionally forgotten about) while Batman Beyond was in production.

● An emphatic NO on a new Batman Beyond TV series. The show had its time, and remains an evergreen arm of the DCAU. As long as it looks interesting, I would support a new Batman Beyond production of some kind, but I would honestly much rather see animated series for Wonder Woman, any of the Wildstorm Universe properties, The Flash, Justice Society, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Lobo, Angel and the Ape, The Terrifics, the Fourth World and MANY more before something that already has a show is revisited.

When it comes to revisiting a show that is in need of it, I’d sooner see more of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, as that has a ton of untapped potential.

Failing that, the world can always use more of the Legion of Super-Heroes in animation.

Thanks for the rad questions, @Reaganfan78! :+1:

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Hello everybody,
Here’s a couple of videos, 1 is DC top 10 best moments of Batman Beyond.

And here’s a video from IGN ‘After 20 years, why we still love Batman Beyond.’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s some action figures toys of Batman Beyond series. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Hasbro Batman Beyond line…

sighs heavily

That line…

It has a decent amount of winners (especially the pictured Power Cape Batman), but it featured far, FAR too few characters that weren’t Batman and way, WAY too many Batman variants. Yes, he sells. Yes, you want to have a variety of Batmen on the shelves at all times so that folks will say “I/they don’t have this one yet.” and indulge an impulse purchase. WE GOT IT, HASBRO.

That said…you have a TV series starring the original Batman and he had absolutely zero representation in the line? Really, Hasbro? The original Dark Knight, and the mentor of the Tomorrow Knight, a MAJOR character on the show…and the only thing you ever do with Bruce in regards to Batman Beyond is a lousy repaint of his New Batman Adventures figure in your Return of the Joker line (and in orange no less?!).

Thank goodness Mattel and DC Collectibles finally made Bruce, and especially on Mattel’s part for other Beyond-era characters in their Justice League Unlimited line, such as Warhawk, Future Static and Superman.

Thank goodness DC Collectibles produced a character-rich, show accurate Batman Beyond line that rivals their…own…oh. They haven’t made a Batman Beyond line that could easily rival their BTAS/TNBA line for some inexplicable reason. Hmmm…one wonders why they passed over it (aside from the Bruce/Terry/Ace set). :thinking:

Anyhow, Batman Beyond is a great show, but it’s merchandising has always been highly suspect in just how little it accurately represents the show.

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Same with Superman the animated series. They didn’t make that many from the series which is sad.

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True, as far as what DC Collectibles did/didn’t do with STAS. Given that next year is the show’s 25th anniversary, that is THE time for DC Direct to finally do something substantial for STAS.

Kenner/Hasbro’s output OTOH…was pretty good. It had a few too many Superman variants, no Fourth World characters (other than Darkseid) and it would have benefitted fantastically well from the Flash figure that was conceived for the line but sadly cancelled (as well as figures of other stalwart heroes that guest starred on the show such as Dr. Fate, Green Lantern and Aquaman, among others), but they did produce a better range of villains in STAS than Batman Beyond, plus some other nifty goodies.

Mattel at least covered some of the bases that K/H leapt over, courtesy of their Justice League and Justice League Unlimited lines.

If DC Direct continues to (unwisely, in my opinion) ignore STAS and Batman Beyond, I’m hopeful that McFarlane takes that ball and runs it in several times. Their DCAU figures have some minor issues, but the fact that its represented so early in their Multiverse line gives me hope that the DCAU (especially the more under represented, in terms of merchandising, jewels in that crown) will factor into their character selection process to a good, or better, degree.

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Epic show.Always enjoy rewatching.

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