Dark Nights Death Metal Trading Cards - Need Help Finding

I got two versions of the Dark Nights Death Metal Soundtrack because I couldn’t decide which cover/vinyl combination I liked best and luckily I got two different trading cards but even so I’m still missing nine of them to “collect them all”. I’m not seeing these much online for sale and am wondering - does anyone know where these might be available? They couldn’t have expected anyone to buy 11 or more versions of a $40 LP just to collect these cards and they also don’t seem to have released them anywhere else. I’d love to complete the set but I literally only see one of them for sale on eBay and it costs as much as another LP would!


Any duplicates? I have a Superboy Prime I am willing to trade for a Batman or Superman

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I have Superboy Prime and Wonder Woman.


Same :sweat_smile:


Bumping this up in case anyone has any leads on this.