Dark Metal Universe

Look DC if you are going to insist on carrying on with this whole Dark Universe thing fine! but keep it out of the continuity of our main stream comics… Not interested in The Batman who laughs invading my reading… Don’t want to see one more Dark Supergirl story, or Dark Troia. Keep them in their own line of comics. I do not want to see it or hear of it, or have it invade my universe. So over it. Hate it all!!!


I like TBWL. I don’t want to write out his name, because it is too long. So henceforth and forever more I name thee TBWL!

Wish this whole “Dark Metal” universe would just go away. It’s a ridiculous premise and idea. Really tired of Snyder screwing with characters’ pasts and whatnot.


Dark Knights Metal was cool. I thought it was great. I hadn’t read any comic crossovers before this, and it immediately got me hooked. It might not be the best. But there are a lot of people who enjoy it.

Is the Dark Metal story line the coda of the current DCU before we are force fed 5G? If so, what a crappy way for our icons to go out on.


I certainly hope not. I realize I am not their target audience but after years of faithful reading, tired of being force fed some of this dark crap about my heroes


@larrygrey.99920: I hope I’m wrong about this too, but this recent descent into darkness and deconstruction just fits their (DC editorial ) narrative style.


Sadly you’re not wrong