Dark Knights Metal: The Nightmare Batmen

Now that we have the Dark Knights Metal Nightmare Batmen one shots on here, how about we play a little ranking game of favorite to least favorite evil Batmen!

  1. The Drowned
  2. Devastator
  3. Murder Machine
  4. The Batman Who Laughs
  5. Red Death
  6. Dawnbreaker
  7. The Merciless

4-6 change order for me, but my top 3 is my top 3 for sure. Your turn!

Should be fun! I’m getting ready to go plow snow off my driveway so I’ll think on it and come back with a ranking later today. :slight_smile:

  1. Devastator
  2. Dawnbreaker
  3. Everyone else.

Since these Bat Things are supposed to be evil, I guess my favorites would be the most evil of the bunch. So … with the understanding that they are rated most evil to least evil, knowing that they are all pretty darned evil …

  1. The Batman Who Laughs
  2. The Devastator
  3. The Drowned
  4. The Murder Machine
  5. The Merciless
  6. The Red Death
  7. The Dawnbreaker
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  1. Red death
  2. The merciless
  3. Dawnbreaker
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