Dark Knight Returns Story Arc

So I’m currently reading BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT MASTER RACE. From what I’ve researched, it’s a sequel to the mini-series before this one, which was a sequel to the beloved Dark Knight Returns.

Is there any hope that we would get the entire Dark Knight Returns run on here?

I know there was an announcement on the “unlimited” update for the comics section. But… Is there a list of what’s going to be added? Define “unlimited” and at what pace will we be acquiring additional comics (bi-weekly,daily, monthly)? Especially for the ones missing issues (i.e. Dark Knight Returns)

I never got a chance to read up on any news from WonderCon

From what they’ve said, everything that has been published before this time last year will be on the app – at least everything that’s owned directly by DC, creator-owned titles within Vertigo like 100 Bullets and Scalped.

So I would see no reason why all of Miller’s Dark Knight work wouldn’t be on the app.

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Alright cool. I saw that they added both the Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis story lines on here! Pretty schway!