Dark Knight Returns full series gone?

So just joined last night and had access to all of batman year one and dark night returns but now only the first issue of each? Did they take the rest off?


It’s still there. Go to the home screen, Essential Batman, Dark Knight Returns. It will show both animated movies and all 4 comics.

Nope, issues 2, 3, and 4 are gone. And just as DC Daily talked about it. Funny one, guys.

You are mistaken, I just looked, it’s there.

It’s showing as unavailable for me too, as I was partway through issue 3… (I started it at work last night) I’d really like to finish it I’m gonna be mad if I can’t.

It’s listed under Essential Storylines but clicking any of the issues than than #1 given an error. And going through the Comics section only one issue is listed.

I figured out how to get back into the version I downloaded of issue 3, I had to go to my personal profile page, comics section, scroll down to downloads, and pull up my full list if downloaded comics, this allowed me to begin reading issue 3 again, only helps if you already downloaded it though

The home page now has essential Superman. Not Batman anymore. I only have issue 4 left (probably because I read it).

Just search “Dark Knight Returns” And go to comics. It’ll show under “series” at the bottom. On that screen it’ll say there is “1 issue” but when you click on it and go to the series page, it has all 4 available. I’ve noticed a lot of comics doing this, where it doesn’t always say how many issues is actually available.

So far the “rotating, curated list of comics” idea is working great…

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The entire series is still there. At least on iOS.

Scratch that. I tried downloading issues 2-4 and it didn’t let me. Well, crap.

Unfortunately, Dark Knight Returns was only available for a limited time during Batman week.

Wait, so they featured it in DC Daily on Monday and pull it from the app on Tuesday. Who is the expert curator? Solomon Grundy?


No, no, no. If it were Grundy, we would have had it until Saturday.


I’m getting more n more disappointed with the app I may not spend more money on this it’s a money grab

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