Daphne Byrne 4

“Daphne has found an ally in Mr. Brooke, a skeptic and expert on the manipulations of Spiritualism. But when a more immediate danger threatens her life, she’ll learn something very surprising about Brother—the powerful spirit she thought had her best interests at heart…”

Especially seeing the this is the first week in almost two months we have new books feel free to express you excitement for this book or to talk about how much you’re enjoying reading it, but please don’t begin any spoiler conversations until Saturday, May 23rd.

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Some time between now and Issue 5 I’m going to need to make the time to read all these books in one sitting.

I want this to be one of my favorites, but there’s so much going on I feel a little lost.

I suspect Daphne has a bit of actual magic inside her and the monster-dude-thing following her around isn’t there as her friend but more as some sort of corrupting presence…

This image at the end really makes me feel like I’m right about that:

I’m really liking this book though! The story! The images! It really has SOOOOOO much of what I love most about Horror Comics!!!

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