:that_black_label_life: Damn! Damned Was Good! :that_black_label_life: (Rated 17+)

Batman: Damned (dcuniverseinfinite.com)

“On a deserted Gotham City bridge, a body is found. Whispers spread the news: Joker is dead. But is this a dream come true or a nightmare being born? Now Batman and DC’s outlaw magician John Constantine must hunt the truth through a Gotham City hellscape. The city’s supernatural recesses are laced with hints about a killer’s identity, but the Dark Knight’s descent into horror will test his sanity and the limits of rationality, as he must face a horror that doesn’t wear a mask.”

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These books are GREAT!!! From the art, to the story to the art! As our first experience with Black Label books I don’t really think they could have chosen a better book!

There were some moments I would like to have been able to discuss with someone so I am very excited to be reading this with you all!!!

We’ll start today and spend until the 29th reading. We’ll discuss starting the 30th until the 5th.

Does anyone have a preference on which book to read next?
House of Horror is going to be reading the Hillhouse books and Harley’s Crew is reading the Harley books, but I’m eager for suggestions on what ever you all want to read!

Feel free to express you excitement for this book or to talk about how much you’re enjoying reading it. but please don’t begin any spoiler conversations until Saturday, 01/30/2021.

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You have GOT to love these covers!!!


Harleen was really amazing too. I think the Black Label stuff is by far the best comics I’ve read recently. Worth the price of admission alone.



Harleen is one of my favorite stories!!! It’s the origin story I’ve chosen for her over the other ones.

They’ll be reading that soon here:
Members - Harleys-Crew - DC Community (dcuniverse.com)

In the meantime feel free to drop little ambiguous comments here until the 30th and then we’ll dive deep…

Maybe start with our favorite images…


I had it posted in the wrong place.
Should be in the right spot now though.


Thanks for the tip – saw it over at gen pop, but didn’t realize it was for the club. :smiley:

Read this a couple of times already – I picked it up digitally when it came out and then got the fancy hardcover when that dropped. Looking forward to really digging in and discussing this weird ass book with everyone. :smiley:

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Once more for the ones in he back:

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I loved it. One of my favorites


WELCOME @abstractabyss1208.35771 !!!

I look forward to discussing this with you over the weekend!


To be clear, I mean that as a term of endearment. There’s so many strange things and even better, they leave a lot of it up to the interpretation of the reader.

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I finished these earlier and thought pretty damn cool. I liked the spoken word mixed in with the dialogue, great art work. Someone mentioned the covers and that’s what drew me to read it.


Yeah, Azzarello’s writing is really interesting – there’s a bit of spoken word, double entendre, while still having a hard edge, film noir like feel. And yes, the artwork is SO GOOD – it’s almost photo real at times yet still feels vibrant and alive.

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Something is going on here:

Which leads us here:

And the last page of issue two looks like a good time:

But then Issue Three opens with THIS:


But we get a pretty BITCHEN image of Swampy!!!


This is one of the more interesting moments in the story:

Totally going into the “Repressed Memories that Explain Why Bruce Wayne Is Such A Hot Mess List.”

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After reading Joker I noticed something that got me pretty excited…
I’ll bring it up this Saturday!

Does it, though? Looking at the way that her legs are spread, at how far away and obscured it is, I think we’re meant to ask ourselves: is Batman and Harley having some sort of tryst, finding some twisted solace over both their losses…or is Batman killing her? Or is it a little of both? And with the way the Enchantress is in the reflection, is that her getting her hands on Batman to further her dark deeds, or is she already fully wedged into what is left of his soul?

Like I said, VERY open to interpretation.

= Good Time.

Well, like Harley said, there’s a reason why that in some languages is called the “little death”…

Is the bridge scene that mirrors joker? Because between those 2 book, 3 people fall off that bridge in the same exact scene. It’s really weird. I didn’t notice until the end of damned that they are directly connected.

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