This is all I’m gonna say if your not going to include cyborg in the new Titans then I want a cyborg show and don’t tell me it’s not possible because you even gave static shock his own show and he has one of the most minor roles in the do universe

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I think including Cyborg right now would be a mistake. I love Cyborg’s character but it’s already difficult balancing Kori, Gar, Rachel and Dick. Adding him would have complicated things, I think. As for him having his own show that would be cool but it’s not happening, not enough people care about him that much. DC would be losing money. I didn’t know they made a static shock series, are you referring to black lighting?

I cant imagine Cyborg being any less unknown than the other Titans, a lot of people love Cyborg. I think the reason is the cost of CGI woukd send the Titans budget through the roof. Practical effects would probably make a jarring comparison to the amazing looking JL version.

Also, Static had a cartoon series on kids WB called ‘Static Shock’, no relation to Black Lightning