Cw Crisis of infinite earth crossover event

In terms of the CW shows this is supposed be the biggest event yet. They have Brandon Routh playing as Superman once more for the event and will most like be bringing the cast of their many DC series to earth one full time.

What other surprises would you all be looking for in this multi series crossover.

I personally want to see a green lantern in the crossover at some point. They teased john diggle as being a green lantern on another earth in their elseworlds crossover.


Oh man the cast just keeps getting bigger, Burt Ward, Michael Rosenbaum, Tom Welling, Kevin Conroy…

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I know it’s shaping up to be pretty good, i hope they sell it as a separate thing from the series so i can buy it. Its basically a movie.

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I heard that they may possibly be tying in black lightning into the crossover as well, could be pretty good. I like black lightning in young justice.

I’d love to see Hal Jordan show up in the Arrowverse - it just seems wrong that Barry and Ollie’s best friend hasn’t shown up in the flesh.

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Yea we haven’t really gotten any good green lantern rep on the big or little screen.

Would be could to see him or maybe guy garner just to spice things up. If it happens tho i would assume they would try to represent john Stewart since they made that comment to “john” diggle in the else-worlds crossover

Helen Slater supergirl, Lynda carter WW, smallville , and yeah someone from the GL Corps!

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Would be crazy if they had some
smallville characters. Rewatching that series now.