CW Arrowverse ( Arrow, Flash, Legends, Supergirl) (Black Lightning & Future Batwoman Spin-off) What Character would you like to see?

What character would you like to see appear or have a storyline on any of the shows?
My votes are
Arrow- A different version of Artemis similar to the plot of young justice season one I think she could blend very organically into the dynamic of the show and the components of the show.
Flash- Wally West from a Different Earth, the show needs a kid flash
Legends- Zatanna Zatara, again similar to the YJ storyline she’s on a quest to free her father from Fate goes with the supernatural theme of the season. More so I’d love to see her interact with Constantine. I think them interacting would be fun to watch
Black Lighting: Static Shock, maybe looking to be mentored by BL causing tension with the girls
Batwoman: Nightwing which won’t happen because of TITANS on the DC universe service

What do you think?


Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Plastic Man and The Question get my votes. B&B and Plas would fit on Legends (and Supergirl for BG also) while Question would be a great fit on Arrow.

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Just as a clarification, Black Lightning is not part of the Arrowverse.

Arrow: The Spectre (Maybe there are consequences for the lives that Oliver has taken in his mission to save his city)

Flash: Harley Quinn (Circumstances has her teaming up with Team Flash and Harley turns out to be complex to have at Star Labs) .

Legends: Zatanna (Contacting John for help she gets the Legends adventuring in the House of Mystery. They handle it like responsible adults. )

Supergirl: Lobo (The Main Man has managed to get himself hunted by half the galaxy, and hearing about National City’s welcoming attitude he decides to visit for some good fun. He brings all his troubles in tow and isn’t keen on leaving. )


Arrow: The Spectre would be interesting, since Oliver sacrificed something (himself) to save Barry and Kara, who were supposed to die according to the Monitor.

Flash: Cannot think of anyone right now.

Legends: Ryan Choi / Atom. We know that at least in one future, Ryan is responsible for the Flash Ring, so there needs to be a connection between Ryan and Ray, and better yet, a mentorship between the two heroes.

Supergirl: Batwoman. Yes, she appeared in the crossover, but I am talking about the version that exists on Kara’s Earth. Or any Bat Family members, as Batman is the only hero in the main worlds of CW Universe that exists in multiple worlds.

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Arrow- Artemis could hold her own in a solo show, but I think that Roy, Thea, and Nyssa should have a web series where they fight the Thanatos guild and destroy lazarous pits. Or a huntress show.
Flash- kid flash, or maybe even a jay Garrick or Jesse quick show.
LoT- hawks, Zari and Amaya, heat wave And captain cold.
Supergirl- j’onn and m’gann.
I don’t watch black lightning though.

Legends: Booster Gold and the Ted Kord Blue Beetle. From what I’ve heard, Ray Palmer was supposed to originally be Ted Kord, but WB told them they couldn’t use him at the last minute.

DigificWriter, it hasn’t been completely established yet. Black Lightning probably takes place on another Earth. I will not be surprised that there is a crossover at some point with one of the other shows, possibly Batwoman.

Future batwomen spin-off show

I love the idea of Static Shock joining Black Lightning. I remember watching the animated show and have had a soft spot for him since then. It was great to see him in Young Justice and your idea about the tension it could create with his girls is interesting and seems very much the CW’s style.

Zatanna is one of my favorite characters and agree that she’d be a great fit for Legends, especially with all the magic they’ve involved. And we could get more Constantine then!