We need a more comic accurate Arthur Curry. I think the CW would be the perfect launch pad for a series about Aquaman.

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They tried it. It didn’t get picked up. It starred Jason Hartley. A pilot was filmed and shown, but ratings weren’t there for a pickup.

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Would be way to expensive

Please don’t

No thank you, keep the CW away from Aquaman. The first “A” in Aquaman stands for alpha, and the Berlanti group would make him a beta and undo years of making Aquaman a badass.


I think it could be done. Mercy Reef was from the Smallville creators and was basically going to be Smallville for Aquaman (so no costume, not being called Aquaman, and probably no Atlantis). Justin Hartley did a good job playing off the fray boy surfer. It was an interesting plot.

I think with they way superheroes are recieved today an Aquaman or even an Aqualad show would work. Whether it’s on this service or on CW.

I don’t think the Justin Hartley Pilot ever aired on TV. It was filmed, didn’t get picked up and then it was dumped onto iTunes. Remember Alan Ritchson ended up playing Curry on Smallville.

Aquaman demands a bigger budget that television is capable of.

I agree with all the people that say keep CW away from Aquaman Just make good Aquaman movie. WB